You can easily create your own location in the Metaverse

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, if you don’t like or hate him, started a Gold Rush today for people and businesses to find their value in the metaverse.

It seems that, for the first time, Zuckerberg will defend authenticity, as he does with Meta and his other online businesses. Perhaps he did not realize at the time, perhaps he was worried, that he had created an army of professionals who would secure their demands in this new world. This world is growing exponentially, from gaming and demonstration to NFTs and providing practical applications for safety training.

This new Web3 era is like the early days of the internet when some developers started building simple websites. The metaverse today is like when we first moved from rotary phones to the precursor of smartphones.

In an open interview with Rove cofounder Duy Huynh, he talked about his beginnings in the real world. He did not first plan on building a user metaverse. Huynh, along with a small team of engineers from around the world, set up a makeshift studio on a three -way walking tour in New York City to make a start. They played with different projects until they agreed to build something for the workplace. Autonomous began by providing fun and innovative products for people before the disease, and then pivoted to products for the remote and hybrid world. One of their new products is a pod that is known as a new technology brewery, where people can set up outside of their home to work privately. They quickly raised over $ 300 million in sales to Google, as well as top businesses and individuals.

The more important task is to build a home for people in the metaverse. Like many people during the illness, the company enjoys wireless Zoom, Teams and Google Meets. While recognizing the benefits of video software, there is no trend or style. You can just look inside the screen to see if your shirt is dirty, your hair is tangled, there is no light and no self -esteem.

Huynh and her team confidently believe they can build something unique, unique and fun. After moving to Vietnam, the company began developing a virtual reality product for their local meetings. They added 3D to make it more immersive. Avatars are added to keep a person from being seen on the screen for hours on end. Having an avatar allows you to take on your true nature in conversation, without worrying about your personality or character.

The new metaverse they built was called Rove. The reason is that you can find somewhere on the rock that is part of a larger galaxy floating in the sky. The platform is designed to make it very easy for people to create and create their own world.

Rove is an unlimited multiplayer world of user -generated 3D virtual worlds. These immersive 3D virtual worlds, give the impression of the face.

The mission is to focus on social knowledge. The belief of virtual worlds is about people, how they interact, interact with each other in a positive way and do beautiful things.

Rove is an open ecosystem. Members can do whatever they want. You may want to showcase and sell your NFTs, host parties, attend concerts, hold workshops, watch movies and socialize with others. One can create a metaverse for their community, group of interests, cause or for some reason where people come together.

Metaverse functions are used by crypto assets and information. For example, cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase items in stores run by other users. Rovers can be involved in social, sports, commercial, employment, training and other activities. To democratize the sky, each metaverse is run by its own citizens and not run by the owner or CEO.

You don’t have to worry about buying a headband and expensive glasses to wear what Rove has to offer. Without the hassle of having to pay for an Oculus Quest 2 developer, considering the action and frustration, you can jump right in and get in there.

Rove is for everyone with experience. The company intends to become the owner of Shopify, where you can set up and build a 3D virtual store, create a gallery to sell NFTs or accessories. traditional products. You can take your customers to a new level by providing memorable sales insights. Build brand credibility and generate buzz, whether you’re selling NFTs or traditional products. Talk to your customer in real time. Easily hosts private and public events.

There’s something about Behance, because you can show and see how it works. Integrate WordPress — drag and drop, no code-required functionality — to turn your personal website into a 3D home where people can meet you. Creating 3D virtual reality environments is as simple as using a virtual reality model. Each model can be customized according to the wishes of the manufacturer.

Usage issues have been resolved. Members can follow their dreams or you can just go out with friends or team up and join colleagues in a new community.

Each site is an address of the other. Rove lets you visit these 3D buildings, shops, art galleries, offices and neighborhoods — and create your own place to call home. Rove is the user. Your property is your own property. Anyone can create their own website and operate it for free without any interference from any central body or person. This new world allows employees from all over the world to come together in a virtual office. Go and host online events and build new relationships.

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