Why MakerDAO sees Solana for NewChain, the future blockchain

Rune Christensen, CEO and co-founder of MakerDAO, announced plans to consider Solan’s codebase as the foundation for NewChain, Maker’s upcoming standalone blockchain.

The revelation came during a discussion in which Christensen broadly outlined the potential synergies between MakerDAO’s ambitious endgame project and Solana’s technical expertise.

MakerDAO Forking Explores Solana

NewChain is part of MakerDAO’s long-term strategic project known as Endgame. Christensen underlined Its importance mentions that NewChain will be the Maker Protocol and the backbone of its SubDAO.

Once complete, the new blockchain aims to significantly strengthen the system’s security and operational efficiency.

“The final stage of the endgame is the launch of a native blockchain for makers codenamed NewChain. This will make the ecosystem more secure and efficient. After some research, I believe the Solana codebase should be considered the foundation of NewChain,” Christensen said. stated.

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Unlike older blockchains with layers of patches and updates, NewChain will benefit from a clean slate. Therefore, it can recover gracefully from administrative attacks or technical crashes through hard forks.

According to Christensen, this aims to eliminate eight years of technical debt-hunting maker protocols.

Why not Solana and other chains?

Three main reasons support the choice of Solana as a possible cornerstone:

  • First, Solana’s codebase is designed for the high efficiency and singular focus that NewChain requires. It benefits from the evolution behind blockchain technology, solving the obstacles and challenges that previous blockchains failed to solve.
  • Second, despite past setbacks like the FTX blowup, Solana has demonstrated remarkable resilience, going from strength to strength with a thriving developer community. This robustness reduces development and maintenance costs while ensuring a stable pool of high-quality talent.
  • Third, Solana’s adaptability to specific needs has already been proven by projects like Pyth, which runs its backend on a modified version of Solana.

Christensen envisions a future in which Meeker and Solana develop a symbiotic relationship. By forking Solana, Maker can access a wider pool of developer talent, which simultaneously benefits and enriches the ecosystem.

Furthermore, Christensen advocates establishing a “two-stage gravity bridge” between NewChain, Solana, and Ethereum. Such a bridge would expand Solana’s local DeFi features and capital and stitch them together. The goal is to strengthen security and network effects across the entire multichain economy.

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While Solana fits the bill perfectly, Christensen cites Cosmos as another contender for its large and highly skilled developer community.

Still, Cosmos lacks a centralized foundation and its architecture does not prioritize efficiency at its core. This inherent difference can result in higher maintenance costs, making Solana more attractive for the specific needs of MakerDAO.

NewChain, estimated to be at least three years in the making, indicates MakerDAO’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve. By aligning with Solana, MakerDAO has identified a powerful ally and set a precedent for other blockchain projects.


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