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Hong Kong, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-The first DeFi project with NFTs Farming, Token Auto-Staking and most importantly: continuous improvement.

What is the Illuminati?

Illuminati is the first project to offer a real-time solution for Unlimited NFT Farming and Token Auto-Staking. With an experienced team that has years of experience working on the development of the financial program, the Illuminati team is proud to announce that we have provided some of the most advanced yet stable and consistent algorithms. In the early stages of our development, we can see that the obvious problem with DeFi and rebase token space is currently a significant lack of sustainability, knowledge, innovation, and balance. . We hope to be the new organizer of the rebase token space and we look forward to releasing the Illuminati with all the elements.

The Illuminati provides a decentralized financial resource that pays users with a fixed-income organization through the use of its NFT Farming and Illuminati Auto-Staking Protocol (IAP for short). IAP is a new financial protocol that simplifies staking, is more efficient and gives $ ILLU token holders the highest return on crypto.

The main feature of a DeFi project: Continuity

After researching each rebase program up and down, the team realized the main reason to keep a DeFi program alive for months (maybe years) is continuity. Unlike other Pump & Dump projects. The Illuminati doesn’t want the signal price to increase at the start, but we want to keep the $ ILLU price at a specific level for the long term. The company has developed some of the machines to support this idea such as:

Charge a higher tax on the sale of tokens. Our purchase tax is 28% if you purchase the sample directly from PancakeSwap. This will effectively eliminate the problem of lowering the signal price. By preventing the whales from accumulating a large amount of $ ILLU in the beginning, they can then easily throw the program when their financial goals are met.

Large amounts of Treasury funds will be used to support the stock price such as cash, BuyBack and Burn, etc.

Holding NFTs for farming and auto recording for an unlimited period of time. This is the best way to keep the program healthy and sustainable to provide good corporate benefits and secure passive income for everyone.

Understanding large machines.

Illuminati NFT Mahiai

The Illuminati Unlimited NFT Farming Protocol is an independent project developed by a professional team. This algorithm gives you the ability to buy Illuminati NFTs and then farm them for $ ILLU with. This process can run indefinitely, which means your NFTs can always farm for $ ILLU tokens indefinitely. As you read this, we know that some of you may feel that the program will improve. Don’t worry, we got the result and that’s why the Illuminati is called a “successful project.” With the higher sales tax and Treasury use case described above. We are proud that the project will be alive for a long time. NFTs can be purchased at the unopened Enigma Box for NFTs with various levels of rarity. NFTs are the project’s main use case to farm for the $ ILLU signal. The smaller the NFT, the higher the APR% it will have. When you earn the $ ILLU token, it will be secured for the next $ ILLU with 183,394% APY fixed. This will get your $ ILLU the highest interest rate with farming and auto-staking.

Unlimited NFT farming for life:

– There are 5 levels of rarity NFTs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ruby. Different levels of rarity are available at different APR% for agriculture. The smaller the NFTs, the more signal is paid due to the higher APR%.

– The price of the Enigma box is $ 300. The distribution of funds paid for the Enigma box:

+ 50% added into the Liquidity Pool at PancakeSwap

+ 30% converted to PancakeSwap and then goes into the death bag to burn $ ILLU

+ 20% go into deposit (No BuyBack and Burn, Support floor price, sales and insurance).

What is the Illuminati Auto-Staking Protocol (IAP)?

The Illuminati Auto-Staking Protocol is a new currency protocol that is simpler and more cost-effective to pledge and provides $ ILLU token holders with a high return on cryptocurrency in a stable investment basis. The Illuminati has a fixed APY of 183.394% and a daily ROI (return on investment) of 2.08%.

$ ILLU is a Bep20 signal that easily pays a passive response rate every 15 minutes.

With Unlimited NFTs Farming Protocol + Token Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding, Illuminati will give you an unlimited passive gain when you hold Illuminati NFTs.

$ ILLU is approaching its launch event, follow their community for the latest updates:

Website: https://illuminati.financial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/illuminatifinan

Telegram: https://t.me/illuminatifinan

Discussion: https://discord.gg/9rwAyVmdmW

Medium: https://medium.com/@illuminati_financial



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