Topps Announces 2022 MLB All-Star Events with NFT Collection, On-Site Exclusives and Collectibles

Celebrate the top players of 2022 with collectors at
Special treats for those who attended the game and the collection after the event

NEW YORK, July 11, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Topps Company, Inc., a division of Fanatics Collectibles, a physical and digital card company, today announced plans for MLB All-Star Week with a 2022 Topps MLB All-Star Game The NFT Collection sells, offers free MLB All-Star NFT prizes online, as well as special prizes for partnering with the Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader themed interactive app, and a contest collect after the event to include results from the All-Star Game presented by Mastercard and the T-Mobile Home Run Derby.

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“For MLB’s All-Star Week, we want to give our fans and collectors more ways to get involved,” said Tobin Lent, VP & CEO of Topps Digital Sports & Entertainment and The Topps Company. “Baseball collectors are in our DNA and every summer we look to create personal and digital experiences for our growing communities to celebrate their fandom.”

2022 Topps MLB All-Star Game NFT Collection

The original ideas for the All-Star NFT Collection showcase the California origins of beach waves, stars, retrowave designs and palm trees to celebrate the game in Los Angeles. Collectors can celebrate the best American and National League players as they are selected by fans in the first round of the All-Star selection process.

The 2022 Topps MLB All-Star Game NFT Collection is available for purchase at the start of the weekend festival on Friday, July 14 at 1 pm ET only at, with card rarities from Uncommon to Legendary. Later this month, Topps plans to release an NFT collection competition, based on this set and including results from this year’s Home Run Derby and Midsummer Classic. More details on the issues and special gift collectors will be announced later this month at

More details about the size of the bags for the 2022 Topps All-Star Game NFT Collection with details and specs like this:

  • Package information:

    • $ 50 per bag

    • 6 collectors in each bag

    • 5,000 bags received

    • 1 Super Rare certified

    • Of all kinds

      • Not normal (43.17%)

      • Rare (28.33%)

      • Few (24.00%)

      • Epic (3.50%)

      • Kaao (1.00%)

2022 Topps All-Star Event Exclusive NFT Program

Those standing at the Topps booth at Capital One PLAY BALL PARK will be allowed to remember their visit with a 2022 Topps MLB All-Star Game Event Exclusive NFT Collection. This dedicated app gives users who submit their Topps NFT account information at the hostel the opportunity to receive one of the different colors (Gold, Blue, Red or Rainbow) of this free, motion picture NFT digital collectible. If delivered successfully, recipients will receive the email in the coming weeks when the NFT is scheduled to fly into their collection. Those who sign up at the MLB ASG Pack Art registrar will also receive an oversized sticker.

Topps BUNT MLB Credit Card

The Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader app will also be showcasing its official collection of baseball digital collection cards that weekend, featuring favorite MLB players from past to present in a team of professional sports. with insights that fans will enjoy. Those who finish the games will be able to receive some physical gifts, such as Topps BUNT glasses, a Topps BUNT phone bag, cut -out enamel pins (apart from the daily design) ), as well as Topps BUNT Card photo cards, showing. one of the most popular cards from the app.

In addition to the above prizes, attendees will be allowed to purchase a special Topps BUNT digital bag, to be given to those who have successfully completed their sports seasons.

“Topps’ baseball collections are the most important to the number of fans involved with the history of Major League Baseball, ”said Evan Kaplan, Managing Director of MLB Players, Inc. Can’t wait for players to create more historical moments that need to be collected. “

To learn more about the Topps NFT software visit, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and join Topps NFTs Discord stream. To learn more on Topps BUNT visit and follow on Twitter.

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