These Metaverse Stocks allow you to invest in the next big thing

When Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company was changing its name from Facebook to Meta at the end of last year, he encountered all sorts of challenges, from ridicule and skepticism to confusion and improvement.

But for Zuckerberg, the reason is clear: “The metaverse is the ultimate in connecting people, just like the web industry when we started,” he wrote in a letter to the author. establish that time. With Facebook working, the tech CEO said he understands that people want to talk and communicate with each other in the future. If he is right about the metaverse, our physical world will probably start to interact with our computer.

Zuckerberg isn’t just about the metaverse. Companies like Apple and Microsoft are pushing the limits of the internet. Experts say that will change.

“People don’t have to ask what will change the metaverse but what won’t change,” said Zeno Mercer, a research fellow at ROBO Global. “There’s not much that won’t change.”

If you’re looking to make the metaverse, this is where the experts say to start.

What is a metaverse?

“Metaverse” is a big word, but if you don’t know what a metaverse really is, there’s a good reason: There’s no definition, or acceptance of what it means or not.

But the main idea of ​​the metaverse is a global world where users can do the things they would do in the physical world, such as create, buy and sell goods and socialize with friends. While some say that the metaverse exists in the form of video games, others say that the metaverse doesn’t exist yet, and marry technologies in a way that we don’t know how to take people to in the worlds. Companies are working on building the metaverse, and it’s not clear what the outcome will be. It can involve teams competing against each other to create the definitive metaverse, or teams can work together to create different metaverses that allow your avatar to move from place to place. field of one company to another.

The idea is nothing new. In fact, author Neal Stephenson coined the term in 1992 in his sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.” But since then, people and businesses have continued to grow in the metaverse.

The Meta group, for example, is called “a set of virtual spaces where you can work and search with other people who are not in the same physical space as you.”

Think of it this way, instead of opening your computer and shopping online or chatting with friends, the metaverse is a way to truly “live” in a virtual world – through avatar, or with virtual reality (VR) eyes to do. You feel like you’re physically somewhere else – where you can create different communities and interact with other people than you would on Facebook or Instagram.

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3 ways to make a metaverse now

Many companies are hoping to help build the metaverse, from chipmakers to gaming companies. Here are some things that experts say to watch out for if you want to include a metaverse.

Game play

Sports teams are more likely to have the greater benefits of changing the metaverse, the better their way of accomplishing moments in relation to the idea, says Scott Kessler, director of technology. , media and telephone at Third Bridge.

At the time of Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Activision Blizzard for about $ 68.7 billion earlier this year, company CEO Satya Nadella said in a news release, “The game is a strong and have fun on all platforms today and play a key role. responsible for the development of metaverse platforms. “

Acquisition is one of the largest in the gaming world, including the acquisition of Take-Two Interactive by Zynga (maker of “Farmville” and “Words with Friends”) and Sony’s plans to purchase to Bungie (developer of popular video games such as “Halo” and “The End”).

While many businesses are just starting with their plans to build the metaverse, gaming companies have been doing this in the first place for years, given their ability to allow players to interact with each other within of the virtual world, and their economic activities that go into it. the real world. A study published more than a year ago from Visa’s PlaySpan and research group VGMarket found that at the time, nearly one in three players spent real money on assets. virtual.

Another major American company in the area is Electronic Arts, which boasts a collection of popular games such as “FIFA” and “The Sims.”

The Roblox platformer is advancing the race to the metaverse. Roblox, the most popular among children, has created a world where users can play a variety of games and interact online, and is one of the companies that about capturing people’s attention when they see the metaverse. , said Kessler.

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The metaverse has been around for a long time, said Angelo Zino, senior business analyst at CFRA Research. Many of the ideas that are investing in money will not actually materialize for years. So if you want to buy businesses that support the metaverse today – or, at least in the years to come – your best option is to invest in businesses that it needs to be established for these innovations to be truly developed, Zino said.

Semiconductor companies Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices may be in the best position, he said, because they will see real revenue increase as companies like Meta spend more time. the money.

The art pieces created by these companies – it can create a ton of data at a time and use it for machine learning and the game, among other applications. more – there are great players in the game and 3D simulation.

Qualcomm could be a metaverse successor as it comes out with more things that will make consumers happy about virtual and augmented reality (AR), because semiconductor works. to chips that power AR and VR headsets, Zino added.

There are some software companies that allow other businesses to build the metaverse, such as Unity Technologies, Kessler said. Unity is a video game software development company whose software is currently used before play, including for movie animation.

Autodesk and Trimble are two software companies that are looking to help build the metaverse, Mercer said. Autodesk is a software company that makes software for engineers and graphic designers to build products with AR and VR tools.

Trimble provides 3D modeling for construction as well as an AR app.

High technology

Meta (formerly Facebook) could benefit from being the first mover in the metaverse space, said Ali Mogharabi, equity analyst at Morningstar. The company can enter the capital to actively engage in the metaverse, thanks to revenue generation from Facebook and Instagram. It has users.

“In order for the metaverse to be successful, you need those outside users to interact and interact with each other,” Mogharabi said.

In Zuckerberg’s letter, he writes that Meta’s role in helping to build the metaverse will accelerate the development of “basic technologies, social technologies and tools to bring. and weaving these technologies through our media programs.While it’s not clear what this means, Mogharabi says by expanding the metaverse, Zuckerberg and his team find themselves in the future to keep users on its platforms, as well as monetization, whether by buying things on virtual platforms. with advertising on virtual platforms.

Apple is another tech giant that is looking to benefit from shifting interest to the metaverse, Zino said. The company is focused on AR technology and plans to launch a mix-reality headset.

“Apple was the company that helped with the promotion,” Zino said. Just look at the smart phones, and the more important pages, he added. “Nobody thought much about more apps until Apple got it … Nobody really cared about 5G until Apple made it real.”

And more

The metaverse isn’t widely known, so it’s not exhaustive, Zino said. Businesses that can touch everything from tools to improve mental health to virtual office experiences can benefit from a growing interest in a virtual world.

He referred to Snap as a metaverse helper on the social media page, as it keeps customers up -to -date on how to use the metaverse – users under the age of 35. – and first introduced AR glasses.

And as we rely more heavily on computers, we need better ways to test our knowledge.

“Cybersecurity is important in a low corner of the applications of the metaverse,” Mercer said. Companies such as Cloudfare, which protects businesses from cyber attacks, and Norton, which offers two potentially effective theft prevention, added. is it.