The top 2 players to watch in July

The disease has led to stellar results in the stock market for many gaming industries. With more and more gamers going out to “touch the grass” and fewer stuck indoors with their computers, those hot days and heads for game developers are perhaps like history. However, the major players in this market did not stay long. It looks like the Bears have come to play, but two big names are making good use of this month to grow their presence in the gaming world.

Roblox (RBLX -6.88%) Most of his responsibility is to increase the number of workers with the right amount of time on their hands, both before and after the disease locks. It’s a new kid in an area defined by two generations of gamers, but Roblox continues to show signs that the gaming industry can grow.

Microsoft (MSFT -1.18%), however, the old hand will continue into the video game industry for a decade. Technology continues to make small, more sophisticated businesses and position themselves as a ready leader to compete globally.

Roblox is preparing for the restoration

Capability, community, and imagination formed the three pillars of the market for Roblox, from its early days to its first March 10 offering (IPO) last year. A low -access screen – only midrange gaming equipment and a network connection – helps Roblox be accessible to everyone. Its community is supported by players of all ages around the world.

Players build a lot of knowledge about Roblox and buy and spend his virtual money, boosting his income. Roblox provides revenue to app stores that sell “Robux” (Roblox’s in-game currency) as well as developers with information on each Roblox development platform, and the company maintains the lion’s share is about 48% of each sale. Customers, developers, and employees actually contribute to each virtual world.

Because of these virtual worlds, Roblox also offers many gateways to the metaverse, which quickly became a hot spot for technology and gaming developers. In July, investors should be wary of signs that conditions are gaining momentum and that the slowdown in the labor market may lead to players staying at home. This may indicate a state of readiness for the resurrection of Roblox.

The gaming industry needs to mature

Roblox has some mature work to do if its current price grows. At one time, more than half of the children in America played in its virtual spaces. Following its IPO, Roblox earned stock prices of $ 141.60 before dropping lows to the $ 20 level when the locks closed. With new market caps hovering between $ 22.5 billion and $ 2 billion in revenues, the new business should prove to be selling at more than 10x what it is currently doing.

There is no clear metaverse investment. With the collapse of crypto and NFTs starting to fizzle, the future is even more difficult. That didn’t stop the giant technologies, either Alphabet i Meta, from re -investing in virtual spaces offline. The future of Roblox could be bright – or serve as a metaverse advocate for larger animals such as the hungry. Sony, Disneyor Microsoft game components.

Microsoft’s acquisition of its gaming division has intensified

Microsoft wants a good deal, and a market cap of around $ 2 trillion, it has the money to implement. The February announcement sought the company to collect Activision Blizzard (ATVI -0.43%) – could end up having the biggest game in history – sending shock waves around the gaming market (as it came at the heels of Sony’s acquisition. Bungieowners behind Microsoft itself Hello franchise).

The company’s stock continues to make big news for the brand, sending in $ 3.74 billion for the March quarter. That’s a big chunk of his $ 49.4 billion total for the same period, helping him win many pitfalls in his overall earnings. Various tailwinds to Roblox this July could send Microsoft’s game ship running, allowing it to contribute a portion of the company’s revenue in the coming months.

Anti -corruption lawsuits are a problem

Consumers come with a strong focus not only from investment regulators in the United States but abroad. The European Union and the United Kingdom are closely watching Microsoft limit and prevent anticompetitive activity due to the size and scope of the large -scale technology. Because these editing games are so ancient, Microsoft has provided a set of pledges and policies to help reduce fear and edit editing practices.

They can end the meeting and return Microsoft to the slide show about the removal. Call of duty, Overwatch, as well as other Activision Blizzard properties. The U.S. communications industry agrees to take the weight at home for the company, but it could strengthen their position of acceptance on distant shores.

Pay close attention to the seasons and signs of growth

July often brings high temperatures and thermometer highs, but it can provide the boost to these two gaming industries that need to strengthen their overall position in the market. The kids who started playing Roblox in 2006 are in their 20s, and it will soon be seen that they are going into the business.

Microsoft may be a bit older, but this summer could bring the editorial approval needed to end the largest game acquisition of all time and secure Microsoft a seat in the third -largest gaming industry. largest in the world (after Tencent and Sony). If you are strong, this is probably the time to try out the water with these two players. At the very least, it needs to be well seen from the beach before jumping into a sports market that could face a recession.

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