The NFT 8 Solana games are great for fun and making money

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In the world of NFT gaming, you can use other cryptocurrencies to start, earn money and buy or sell NFTs. Most high -end NFT games use, Solana, or SOL, which is the cryptocurrency that runs on a decentralized blockchain under the same name.

Solana’s blockchain technology can be used to create, house, trade, buy and sell non-fungible signals in the metaverse or NFT game.

Lots of games, player vs. players and other NFT games running on the Ethereum blockchain. But Solana has a large collection of NFT games available. Some Solana games use SOL as their crypto option, while others are proprietary tokens.

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As the fastest growing cryptocurrency on the market, with lower fees than some cryptos, Solana lends itself well to the NFT game. And, because experts predict that SOL could rise in price to as much as $ 105 by 2022, playing NFT games that SOL will have is probably not a bad idea if you’re looking to earn extra money through the NFT game.

If the game on the Solana blockchain doesn’t use SOL, however, it’s not a bad idea for your time or money. There are many great Solana games to start and trade for the money of that particular game.

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8 Best Solana NFT Games

What are the best Solana games available in terms of making money and, of course, having fun?

  • DeFi Land
  • Hoku Atlas
  • Genopets
  • SolChicks
  • Space Falcon
  • Cryowar
  • Zoolana
  • No.

DeFi Land

Most watched and mentioned on many lists of the best Solana NFT games, DeFi Land is similar to the popular Facebook farming game, Farmville. If you’ve spent hours of your life a few years ago grooming your sheep or fruit market on Farmville, DeFi Land could be a great game for you.

DeFi Land, if you’re not mistaken, is a farming simulation game. You buy vegetables, plant them and, as your plants grow, you can make money. If things go wrong, as you sometimes do for a farmer, you stand for money. Your success will be achieved by choosing the right funds, or seeds, to plant, with a little dedication.

You can fish, catch and play other games to earn extra money, and you can collect animals in the form of NFT. DeFi Land uses its own crypto, DFL. In its beta phase, the game has re -released the $ GOLDY logo, primarily for both game rewards and commercials, according to an article on


  • Free educational games
  • Simple, fun interface
  • Earn NFTs and fixed income as your plants grow
  • Strong and supportive Twitter and Discord communities
  • DFL received an average / low score from the publishers


  • Money can be lost
  • You need to start with free power and work your way up to get DFL

What to watch

Your choice of “seeds,” or NFT, when you start planting your crops can determine your business – and income. Just because both products show high returns does not make money.

Hoku Atlas

Star Atlas is an adventure game built on the Solana blockchain. To start the game, you have to buy coins for your digital bag, combine them with a side and then start building a ship.

If you like Multiplayer games, working with a team and a wide audience, this might be the game for you. However, one reviewer at Coindesk pointed out that this is a game of staking, or buying and holding NFTs, rather than playing to make money.


  • Team play
  • There is plenty of room to expand the mini games available
  • Active Discord and Twitter communities


  • SOL needs to start the game
  • The problems of supplying ships are described

What to watch

You want to choose your side and ship carefully to get off to a strong start. Find ships with a high APR or ships you can buy for a discount to start with. The smaller and smaller the ship, the more work you will have to take care of the ship’s equipment.


Genopets takes the best features of CryptoKitties and Pokémon Go to create another realistic game where players are paid to move their bodies, watched by a recorder. or your phone.

Play is all about making and collecting animals, but your cattle will grow and grow because of your physical activity.


  • Free play
  • Promotes physical activity and mobility
  • Payment options can help you make progress faster


  • The crypto wallet needs to start
  • Physical activity or investment is necessary to succeed

What to watch

If you are not active and do not want your interest in the game to be based on your physical activity, this is not the game for you.


SolChicks made it to the top of the list of the best NFT games for Solana and was hailed by the developer as “the best game to have crypto mind game” on the Solana blockchain. Are the claims true?

At SolChicks, players fight their chickens to earn CHICK tokens. You can start the game with a little money at SOL. During the game, you have to take care of your chicken, stick with it and, of course, use it to fight other chickens to succeed. You can use SolChicks to create independent, high -value NFTs.


  • There are many ways to make money in the game
  • Adorable, paio moa


  • You have to play hard to keep making money
  • SOL funding is required in advance

What to watch

An article on revealed that the game was very popular in its inception and delayed the SOLANA block.

Space Falcon

Space Falcon is a “net-chain blockchain gaming metaverse” that combines the game of classic shooting games with the collection and revenue of NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The game raised $ 4 million in initial competitive funding, according to GlobeNewsWire.

You can go retro in the 1980s game setting or explore the future of the sky in 2080. You can find galaxies and then collect tribute from other players when they visit in your galaxy.


  • Easily available on any browser
  • There are many ways to obtain cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • You can find the true meaning
  • Supported by multiple digital wallets


  • You have to always play to earn money

What to watch

The longer you play, the more you earn. If you haven’t played this game for a long time, it may not be as valuable as you think.


Cryowar is a free -to -play, real -time, Multiplayer combat game based on intelligence rather than how much money you spend on the game. With interactive graphics close to the best PC-games, the game is an immersive experience that will test your skill. It’s fast and easy to play on your browser or smartphone.

In the game, you will compete in single player and Multiplayer tournaments such as Last Man Standing, Death Match, Top Score in 5 Minutes and Battlefield. Battles can last three minutes or less, which means you can make the NFT game a part of your hard life.


  • Play fast and easy games
  • Very good picture
  • Free play


  • It’s not a passive gain game
  • Serious work requires playing skill

What to watch

If you are looking for a game where you can use real money to improve your gaming performance, this is not the case. The battles in Cryowar are based solely on the skill of the player.


Zoolana was a stand -alone mobile gaming game dating back to the 2300s. With a strong history, solid graphics and a thriving community, Zoolana promised to be a top -notch game in its infancy.

You can secure a claim to the game by purchasing an Alpha Edition NFT, which gives players access to an airdrop of tokens, the opportunity to become a witness beta for the game and sneak peeks into game development.


  • The Discord community is growing
  • It’s a profound story
  • Star image


  • Still in development / beta

What to watch

Look for the full launch of this game in 2023, but the hype is building and you can start collecting NFTs now.


Trade NFTs around the world to come, battle against players and warlords and get NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the third Void shooter. The more you improve your character with skills and tools, the better they will be.

The game is unique because both player-to-earner and staking players interact with ease. You can trade $ VOIDCOIN on many crypto exchanges.


  • NFTs can be traded on some crypto exchanges
  • Active Discord and Twitter communities
  • Public player
  • Work hard


  • It’s not free to start the game
  • Still in beta

What to watch

Void is set to begin full power on the Solana blockchain in 2023, according to

Take Hope

When you choose a Solana NFT game, you want to know if the game’s option currency is supported by the crypto currency you want. Check it out and see if the experts think the game is worth it.

But most importantly, choose a game that you know will have fun hours to play, because it’s more likely that you’ll do better – and earn more – if you playing a game you enjoy.


Here are the answers to some common questions about NFT and NFT games.

  • What games do you use Solana for?
    • Many NFT games use the Solana blockchain, including DeFi Land, SolChicks and many others.
  • Is Solana good for NFT?
    • Solana is good for NFTs. It has an easy minting threshold and low costs. There are also many NFT games on the Solana blockchain.
  • Can NFT be used for gaming?
    • Yes, NFTs can be used for gaming. While NFTs are not widely used in games, the number of NFT games is growing every day.
  • Does Solana have NFT?
    • Solana supports various NFT markets, including SolSea and DigitalEyes, as well as games, some of which are included in this article.

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