The most popular and best selling NFT collections this week

This week the list will look at the best selling NFTs and what’s going on at OpenSea. With this knowledge you can keep track of the entire NFT market and what each market is doing.

We’ll start with a simple top 10 for OpenSea and a top 10 detail for the entire market.

Top 10 collections in the last 7 days on OpenSea

The amount of money is usually seven days according to OpenSea.

  1. CryptoPunks – $ 36,023,123
  2. Azuki – $ 32,876,076
  3. Iwi ʻono XYZ – $ 21,797,557
  4. Luuluu ʻApe Yacht Club – $ 18,933,154
  5. mfers – $ 16,702,124
  6. Clone X- X Takashi Murakami- $ 15,673,530
  7. NFT Worlds – $ 16,270,300
  8. Karafuru – $ 12,628,761
  9. Mutant Ape Yacht Club – $ 13,572,995
  10. Edenhorde – $ 13,516,856

The most popular and best -selling NFTs of the past week – February 18, 2022

These are the top sales data on all sites. Data is available from NonFungible.

1. Luuluu Ape Yacht Club

  • Last 7 days: $ 53,394,383
  • Total sales: 584
  • High Price: $ 499,455

BAYC is a collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs — independent data collectors based on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Apple Doubles your Yacht Club membership card and gives access to membership -only benefits.

2. CryptoPunks

  • Last 7 days: $ 24,778,538
  • Number of sales: 62
  • High Price: $ 23,799,920


10,000 independent collectors with verification of ownership held on the Ethereum blockchain. The project fueled the new CryptoArt movement. Confirmation for the Ethereum ERC-721 standard that controls most image files and collectors.

3. The Sand Box

  • Last 7 days: $ 13,142,775
  • Total sales: 1,182
  • High Price: $ 39,662

The Sandbox is a community-led UGC-voxel site where users can find their LAND and enjoy their magic. Users can buy, sell, and sell their voxel services on secondary markets and truly become a part of this user -built world where everything you see is built. food and for the community.

4. Application Limitations

  • Last 7 days: $ 8,282,359
  • Total sales: 3,338
  • High Price: $ 159,226

The store for real -time development projects that can be designed and desired is hosted securely on the Ethereum blockchain. Choose your style and mint! Each piece is created by an algorithm described by the artist, there are always times when the style of your unique generation.

5. Doodles

  • Last 7 days: $ 6,021,178
  • Total sales: 260,035
  • High Price: $ 81,925

Doodles come in a fun variety of colors, shapes, and sizes with a total collection of 10,000. Doodles are a fun bunch that love to play and transform themselves into something delicious. Not Doodle-sapiens either! Maintaining a Doodle allows you to access the Doodles Community Library.

6. By the Portuguese

  • Last 7 days: $ 5,354,560
  • Number of sales: 162
  • High Price: $ 56,044

Cool Cats is a collection of NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation had 10,000 cats collected from around 300k selections. Cute cats come in a variety of clothes, shapes and colors – all cats are cute, but dressed -up cats are the most fun.

7. CyberKongz

  • Last 7 days: $ 5,256,926
  • Number of sales: 309
  • High Price: $ 243,223

Welcome to another reality, where evolution went a different route and other apes flew to Earth. It’s a common one. There is another kind. And some are just fun! Some CyberKongz are very popular and animated! Maybe some of them are familiar!

8. Decentraland

  • Last 7 days: $ 4,369,341
  • Total sales: 284
  • High Price: $ 214,347

Decentraland is a real -world platform used by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, view, and monetize information and applications. The land in Decentraland is a community hold, giving them full control over their actions. Users exercise virtual land ownership in a blockchain-based directory of domains. Landowners keep what is printed on their part of the land, identified by a Cartesian coordinate group (x, y). Information can be obtained from static 3D models as well as related information such as games.

9. FLUF Earth

  • Last 7 days: $ 3,849,082
  • Total sales: 419
  • High Price: $ 72,344

FLUFs were classified from 270 species among 14 species that stood alone at least three degrees of separation. This separates their performance, dance, style, and sound. FLUFs are stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

10. MakeFellaz

  • Last 7 days: $ 2,008,381
  • Total sales: 213
  • High Price: $ 24,779

Each unique Deadfella is created from a combination of 400 patterns drawn each, with 50 different outfits. Each Deadfellaz has eyes, noses, mouths, heads, and bodies – no features are designed to allow all men to see what it looks like.


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