The developer is changing the conversation in the future of the game by attacking NFT and blockchain developers.

Game developer Mark Venturelli got a lot of excitement at Brazil’s International Games Festival on Friday after shocking the public for his talk “Future of Game Design” with a new title: “Why NFT it’s a dream. ” It’s a big word against blockchain shooting into the game, one of the most divisive trends this year. The festival’s list of 2022 sponsors will include several NFT and blockchain organizations, including Lakea and Ripio, and the festival program received panels from those sponsors, according to “Web3 and the New Generation of Games. “

Venturelli, who is best known for playing Chroma Squad, didn’t just return those conversations by calling the NFTs a dream: He debated the negatives for the game and ran straight. his knowledge for the future of the game. design.

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