The currency is rising above the U.S. financial report

The American currency is trading like a rocket these days, breaking every other major currency as it worries that investors are frustrated with the safety of the savings account. The latest stock figures at 12:30 GMT on Wednesday and stock market figures on Friday are crucial in determining if there are many miles left of this trend in the box as the euro / dollar wars unfold. and parity.

All weather bills

An independent opinion has been playing out in recent months – all the news is good news for the U.S. currency. Economic data is stronger and investors are more confident that the Fed will raise interest rates on a faster scale to drive growth, or that negative data will increase returns and concerns. money saves safe flows.

Either way, the money will be good. This is because there is no one else, even though every other major currency is struggling with its own problems. The Euro has been weighed down by the energy crisis, the Bank of Japan’s refusal to consider higher prices has eroded the yen, even as the abysmal crisis sentiment has left its mark on sterling and properties.

One of the few things that can change this kind of strong ‘strong dollar’ is a significant slowdown in inflation that reduces pressure on the Fed to significantly raise prices, raising inflation. future information.

Growth and sales sales

The report will begin with CPI inflation figures on Wednesday. The forecast for the month’s numbers is 1.1%, up faster from 1.0% in May. This will increase the annual rate to 8.8%, from 8.6% previously.

That said, there are some signs that inflation is starting to lose its punch. For example, the S&P Global PMI survey showed that service companies have increased their selling prices at the fastest pace since last September because demand has started. So did the prices of used cars and the prices varied.

This highlights the concerns about the evidence that inflation is likely to be subject to a small risk, even though the capture is likely to have a very immediate impact on stock prices having a significant impact on inflation. It will probably be seen again next month.

Then on Friday, June stock prices hit the markets. Hopes for a rebound each month, even though it’s the number one year to tell the story. It is currently at 8.1%, below the inflation target, indicating that the actual use of assets is in a state of stagnation.

What is the end

In the markets, a lack of access to future data will lead to any business making money. Looking at the technology in the euro / dollar, there is not much resistance until the 1.0350 zone, which is a far cry from current prices. 1.0180 could be played earlier than that – a point seen on the four -hour chart.

In the bigger picture, it’s hard to imagine how the currency will change until the situation in the rest of the world starts to improve. For example, if more energy production on the grid returns, it will reduce the pressure on the euro and yen. Some good news from Ukraine could have the same effect.

The continued growth of the US is likely to create fraud, as the reason for the fall in inflation is also related to the currency. If the increase is favorable because of falling demand and markets are worried about a return, the demand for security could continue to support savings even if some stocks are sold. hikes Fed.

It is better to improve than to reduce spending. It’s not on the radar right now, indicating the team may be on foot. A decision move below the parity level in the euro / dollar could signal the beginning of the trend, opening the door to the 0.9860 level.

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