The best NFT projects of 2021

The life of most online speakers is simple: something happens, people sneeze or sneeze or defend themselves, it hits the meme circle, and finally in the ether, as if it were not alive. Then there are NFTs, crypto-backed blockchain art that entered the cultural zeitgeist at the peak of the year and became unavoidable.

Once the nature of the NFT – a non -fungible signal, able to display the image on the blockchain – became clear – ideas began to flow from all sides. World art forms are threatened by the lack of power of NFTs displayed in cinemas and collections. If someone with a crypto wallet can sell images, where does the independent opinion point to its importance? Other controversies regarding the perceived value of NFTs; if one can “right-click-save” an image, what’s the point of spending money on someone? And lastly, while more and more celebrities have dismissed the most ignorant NFT programs, it is better to move on to misrepresenting the best, and the better. scammy is the worst.

I’m not a woman in technology, but I’m beginning to understand the value of an NFT from the community it nurtures. The advantage of opening up some NFT projects is that it opens up a whole new kind of collaboration; if you really like the project, nothing will stop you from building a game, metaverse, or anything else you love. The success of the NFT depends on its community, and it is something that those who despise it cannot take away. While some NFT programs have very serious images of primates, there are many – hands on my heart! – thoughtful, cohesive, and genuinely fun. Read on for the 10 best NFT projects of 2021, no order below.


Pixelated images of toads are one way to describe CrypToadz, the NFT project from anonymous pixel artist Gremplin. But the cool thing about the program is its CC0 license – which is a standard tool with no rights reserved, which has led other programs to accept the same policy. CrypToadz’s CC0 launches spin-off programs, games, and more, which makes the program one of the most successful NFTs of the year. Also, all rubbish is fine.

Zoo Zombie

Zombie Zoo boldly asks the question: What if your baby photos didn’t go in the fridge, and stay on the blockchain where they were bought and sold for thousands of dollars on Ethereum? Started by an 8 -year -old boy in Japan who goes by the moniker “Zombie Zoo Keeper,” each Zombie Zoo NFT is a zombified description of creatures across the animal kingdom – including, but not limited to, sea ​​slugs, butterflies, a. koalas – that’s the kind of soft mind you’d expect from an 8 -year -old.

Pieces of art

While most NFTs point to a fixed image or video file, some actually use code in your browser to create an image. Graphic designers can load the code that generates the information on the blockchain, creating a platform for generative graphic creation and an independent way to store graphic images for real time. Or (or for a long time around Ethereum).

The world

The entire world of Danny Cole’s New York City graphic design, Creature World, is like the trippy thoughts you see on a psychedelic journey. Of the 10,000 photographs, some have fun, acceptance, and other depth, and others with wide -ranging students and crazy visuals in the process. understanding important thing.


For those who are wondering how to collect images that can’t be presented in a re: physical way, Hyaliko, a 3D art studio that will produce a separate “exhibition” about NFTs in a person’s wallet. Go to your own movie theater, visit a friend, or just hang out – you are leading a cinema about another.


Vineyard developer Dom Hofmann is a fan of the NFT space, and his project Loot is another example of world building that can be done through the use of the blockchain. Loot has created a list of items you’ll find in sports – a costume, a sword, or, a common use you see in Grimes music videos – for collectors to reach. to use their materials. among gaming applications. Think like that Dungeons & Dragons on the blockchain, if you’re into that kind of thing.

pretty. Land

Surrealist corpse technology is available in NFT storage with The team project provides each collector with a tile on which they can draw and work with information on the surrounding images for a non -moving piece of art. The program requires users to upload a PNG file of a specific currency to create a tile – it’s a game on the “just -right” trope.

Katherine Frazer

Katherine Frazer’s psychedelic, kaleidoscope NFT project far removed from the name of NFTs are two dry images. Frazer’s work plays with his own experience of remembering his collection and re -creation of his iPhone library of photos and photographs; Each new piece adds authenticity and storytelling, and the end result is an NFT that feels so much alive. Frazer’s work, often recorded with flower arrangements, is also inspired by his work on ikebana flower arrangements; Ikebana’s set -up is, at their core, live -action visuals, and Frazer’s NFTs emerge in a different quality and unity than their physical counterparts.

“Luna Portal” by Katherine Frazer


As another Hofmann project, the code renders the Blitmap image live on the blockchain through the clever use of the SVG file format. All artwork is based on computer -generated dots, the size of each NFT is not increased and the color palettes can be changed. Like CrypToadz, it is also a CC0 program, opening up the community to regular use of the game, customers, and other derivative graphics programs.

Created by artist and software engineer Manuel Palou, has rethought the joy of unboxing collectibles into an NFT gameified project. While each NFT came as a manny, 3D avatars of the artist, the collectors were encouraged to collect “few” mannys in order to mint the golden manny and win the game. And mitting the Golden manny came with a fee – 60% of the NFT sale. Collectors create unions to perform, and while the game is over, the continues to grow with integration with other NFT programs, avatar editors, and more. strong community.

(Full description: Palou is my friend but me with intent consider his project.)

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