The 2022 Web3 Transformation Champions were honored at the MetaDecrypt Summit

Dubai, UAE, 12 July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The MetaDecrypt Web 3.0 Summit, powered by Woodstock was held at the Future Museum on July 2nd-3rd 2022, in conjunction with the Khaleej Times.

The summit was founded by Khalifa AlJaziri, AlShehhi, Co -Founder, Dubai Blockchain Center, Ministry of Economy – Advisor – Metaverse & XR. Khalifa spoke of Dubai’s vision to become a hub of Web 3.0 technologies and the UAE’s efforts are creating a country that is open to modern, futuristic Web 3 with ease of rules and delivery. Providing all the support that players need in this ecosystem. “At the end of the day, you want to live in an ecosystem that accepts you and is waiting for you. At the local and federal levels, we see what’s going on in the world and it’s a part of it. of establishing the future for each.We have the desire to change regulations with the help of the Regulation lab – a lab that tests the rules.Post and over. the federal and local governments will give 6-12 months licenses to test their technology in the future, ”said Khalifa Aljaziri, Al Shehhi.

The two -day workshop included masterclasses and panel discussions by experts from the Web 3.0 space diving deep into Blockchain, Mining, Fundraise, NFTs, Metaverse and Future of Work. With more than 50 global speakers sharing in -depth insights and opinions on the capabilities of Web 3 technologies and the speed of growth. “Metaverse’s market size is projected to be USD 800 billion by 2024, and we expect 10,000 jobs related to Metaverse over 5 years”, said Thomas Kuruvilla.

The summit ended with thanks to the people and organizations who have worked hard to change and make the 3.0 system available.

“Best Metaverse Editor” to Teddy Pahagbhia, but Mr. Metaverse is one of the most important people in Metaverse. After 20 years of professional life, he founded BLVCK PiXEL, a Metaverse and Technology Innovation company based in Paris. The firm operates around the world by using an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of Technology and Anthropology, opening up opportunities and creating new avenues in the digital age.

“Best Metaverse LifeStyle” to Emmanuel Quezada, General Manager, U-Topia. U -Topia is an upcoming metaverse – a kind of game like World of Warcraft. People can just log in and start playing: socialize, be engaged, spend time in this other world, and connect with other people. But it’s more than that, because they’re building a tool to create a bridge between all the Metaverses, and they’re building a platform to create the Metaverses.

“Best Metaverse Space” Thomas Reemer for Space Heroes – “Space and Crypto – is making the biggest move to Web 3 for his dedication over the past 15 years to developing Space Heroes as a first project to get global organizations and take those relationships to Web3.

“Best Web3 Ecosystem” to Matthias Mende, Visionary Founder, Bonuz – A German Award Winning Innovator who is passionate about technologies with the ultimate goal of solving some of the world’s most pressing human problems. Bonuz is a celebrity and brand token launchpad designed to help people connect with celebrities.

– Easy by using Web2 authentication and IM systems

– Instant Tokenization of goods, services and organizations

– Large stock market to change goods

Blockchain Gospel of Dubai ” to Drs. Marwan Alzarouni, a Crypto Pioneer and CEO of Dubai’s Blockchain Center. He is a graduate and a founding partner at the Dubai Future Foundation. He was one of the crypto pioneers of the Middle East, founded OTC Supply, the United Arab Emirates ’first over -the -counter exchange, and set up the first Bitcoin ATM in Dubai. He is known around the world as a supporter of blockchain technology, a development advice and a great speaker.

“Crypto Mining King” i Bijan Alizadeh. Bijan is one of the leaders of the blockchain ecosystem and has a long history of leading the blockchain in the MENA region and the world. In 2015, Bijan founded Phoenix Technology, which is building one of the largest Mining farms in the United Arab Emirates and has 450 MW of active mining operations across Russia, Canada, and the USA.

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From a government perspective, we see the UAE making it easier for people to move to Dubai, establish a residence in the city, and use the city and the country as a hub for technological progress. VARA will play a key role in creating new investment opportunities in the rapid growth of Dubai’s virtual economy as the emirate moves to security independence supported by new technology and digital conversion. “The UAE government considers possibilities and does not consider borders. The UAE is the first and foremost thinker of the world, it does not decide to hinder progress or technologies but to enable in technologies, ”said Dr Marwan Alzarouni.

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