‘Slack for construction’, a Tik-Tok-style investment startup, and a powerful banking service will be featured on this week’s MaddyMoney!

Black Swan Data raised £ 15.22M from Oxx and AlbionVC as a new year of customer research.

Black Swan data – data science and customer forecasting – has replaced a $ 18.5M fundraiser led by Oxx, a business -to -business platform that supports Europe’s largest B2B SaaS companies, with input from investor AlbionVC.

The money will be spent on developing better features on Trendscope, Black Swan’s core software platform, and expanding the US market.

By predicting customer needs and trends with 89% more accuracy over the next six months, Trendscope is able to target product businesses that are targeted. allow customers to develop new ideas about and improve their product starting with business numbers (often referred to as>75% of the total deficiency).

WeWALK, RNIB, and the ICL consortium receive UKRI funding to improve mobility for the mentally ill and the elderly.

WeWALKThe largest London -based group behind unique products to improve the lives of the underprivileged has secured funding for a £ 1.7M project Designed for Aging through UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

In partnership with Imperial College London and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the project aims to develop a new computer -assisted education system to help people facing migration difficulties. , from getting the right car to driving on the best roads.

WeWALK’s software products have previously transformed mobility for people with disabilities. The company’s Smart Cane uses a pre -installed ultrasonic sensor to detect problems and alert users with a sense of trepidation. The Smart Cane can be integrated with the WeWALK mobile app to give users accessible voice guidance, allowing them to search and explore new places.

PhysioMedics is poised for growth through fundraising following the election of CEO

Medicine Medicine ready to expand its business operations after receiving growing capital from investors led by Archangels. After joining last year, Chief Information Officer Charles Sweeney will lead the business to the next level of its growth.

PhysioMedics in Edinburgh has sealed the balance and provided funding of a total of £ 1.5M from Archangels, Scottish Enterprise, and Innovate UK to allow it to accelerate its business growth and product roadmap, including expanding to European and Indian markets.

The company’s PhysioWizard program is the only patient -registered personal evaluation tool for physical and joint problems that patients can complete online, without the need for medical attention. doctor. PhysioWizard directly connects patients with the prescribed medication, and the platform provides personalized and patient -led care, allowing users to actively participate in their care and achieve results. better.

WiseWorks AI has landed £ 1M to help financial institutions monitor virtual conversations

WiseWorks AIHe received a £ 1M fund to build a one -stop shop for financial institutions that analyzes virtual conversations to implement and streamline day -to -day operations.

The fundraiser was led by Veridian Ventures, with investments from Silicon Valley-based R42, SyndicateRoom’s Super Angel fund, and Istcapital, which includes former Founders Factory investors. . The money will be used to grow the company and further product development.

WiseWorks has developed a first -of -its -kind product that captures visual, acoustic, and textual information from virtual conversations, allowing for non -emerging user issues to prevent misleading information. , in the constant search for convenience and professionalism. developmental factors.

The Tik-Tok brand is set to secure £ 205K in initial investment from SFC Capital

Zeedthe first investment bank to use short video to encourage Gen-Z investors in Europe, has secured £ 205K in pre-seed funding led by SFC Capital, the UK’s largest seed investor .

FinTech’s London-based start-up will make it much easier to invest in Gen-Z by combining in-house financial information with business execution. The money will be used to continue to build the Zeed product, grow the team, and create independent insights.

Founders Salman Hussain and Rohan Regmi, Imperial College London and UCL graduates, both have worked in financial services themselves in the retail sector and personal equity. During their time in college they built Wealth-Focused, a 5,000+ community group for first-time careers in the financial services industry. A survey conducted by Finance Focused revealed that 87% of its members – most of them Gen Z – found that a lack of knowledge was preventing them from making a living. a library, and short videos are a form of entertainment.

Symterra’s ‘slack for construction’ site closed with a £ 1.4M budget to end construction uncertainty.

SymTerraA communication platform for the construction project supply chain, it closed its first product at £ 1.4M, with a global fund led by Samaipata, with participation from Nemetschek, Pi Labs and Accel.

The ‘Slack for construction’ platform is designed to eliminate construction misunderstandings through communication, collaboration, and experience. More than 30% of construction costs are directly related to renovations and delays, due to misstatement at the site – this contributes to the £ 235B renovation problem.

“This funding, with the clear support of a large fundraiser, allows us to grow our company, start our freemium brand and increase the threshold. Our knowledge will become a business model for communication. construction site, ”said founder Sarah Crawley.



£ 51M

Susquehanna Growth Equity, AlbionVC & IQ Capital



£ 6.6M

ING Ventures, JLL Spark, Blackstone & Concrete VC


Black Swan data

£ 15.22M

Oxx & AlbionVC



£ 1.7M

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Imperial College London & the Royal National Institute of Blind People


Medicine Medicine

£ 1.5M

Archangels, Scottish Enterprise & Innovate UK



£ 6.5M

Wayra UK, Octopus Ventures & Macquarie


Nahana Hana

£ 1M

Veridian Ventures, R42, Super Angel fund and SyndicateRoom, Istcapital, and construction companies.



£ 205K

SFC Capital



£ 1.4M

Samaipata, Nemetschek, Pi Labs & Accel



£ 4.7M

Deposited money, ACF investors and more


Oxford Quantum Circle

£ 38M

Lansdowne Partners and the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners

In other world media news

The black technology industry has awarded a $ 13.4B defense agreement with the US Airforce and US Spaceforce

Eminent Future Is known for providing software development, project management, and data services to a variety of industries, and has won a multi-billion dollar defense agreement with the U.S. Military.

Co -founded by José Risi and Isaac Barnes in 2009, Eminent Future is one of Virginia’s fastest growing organizations and has led software development teams for Obama and Trump services.

The company uses AI to build the belt for its products, and works directly with companies to help them think of the best software to implement for their brand. According to Issac, Eminent Future “helps the federal government think of ways to use technology to create social change.”

Brick replaced Sweden’s central bank investment of around $ 3M to boost growth

Power bank lender Piliki completed a $ 3M round -trip investment led by Swedish entrepreneur Christer Fåhreaus and his FSG (Fåhreaus Startup and Growth) fund. The capital will be used to expand business in new markets and to boost productivity and technology development.

Brick is a start -up in Stockholm to take on telephone litigation during the economic downturn. Brick is an app that allows users to save their apps to the places and times they want. Through the app, the user can rent a power bank at one of the hundreds of Brick houses around the world, and then return it to a Brick house of their choice.

In a short time Brick has expanded into markets outside of Sweden and today they can be found in countries such as Peru, Turkey, Poland, Panama, Nigeria, Australia, The US and Canada.

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