SK Telecom announces plans to introduce a Web3 wallet

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SK Telecom (SKT), South Korea’s largest telecom operator, said it is teaming up with blockchain arm AhnLab Blockchain Company (ABC) and Atomix Lab to develop and launch a Web3 bag, to allowing users to store, trade, and earn. The currencies and tokens used to blockchain include cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and soulbound tokens (SBTs).

Web3 – What does it bring?

Web3, often referred to as the “latest generation of the web”, embraces decentralization as a key concept, and as opposed to its predecessors Web1 and Web2, is being built and owned. use. Therefore, Web3 is intended to prevent major technology companies from monopolizing the site and retaining their control over users ’personal information.

So what is a Web3 bag? In simple terms, a Web3 wallet is a digital wallet that can store digital assets and allow users to access the Web3 space. It can be seen as a digital server that allows users to store and manage assets such as Ethereum, NFTs, and SBT.

“Web technology is now moving into the Web3 era, where users can store all their data. It’s going to be a great starting point,” said Oh Se-Hyeon, CO’s digital economics manager. SK Telecom.

Kang Seok-Kyun, Managing Director of ABC, said his company intends to apply many of the key skills related to ‘ABC Wallet’s current multi-platform support’ to security threats to the technology. Web3, the digital media platform ”.

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SK Telecom continues to work on its Metaverse Platform

SK Telecom, which serves 47% of South Korea’s mobile phone users, launched its own Metaverse site last year, called “Ifland”.

The telecom giant said it plans to transform Ifland into a new Metaverse platform using sophisticated Metaverse technologies and solutions to bring the best user experience possible.

After launching their app, Ifland users can change their status and avatars and choose from a variety of Metaverse rooms to access, tailored based on their preferences. use preferences.

They can include one of 18 different central locations including outdoor floors, buildings, and conference rooms, with more to come. Ifland has features that allow Metaverse enthusiasts to play with different settings of their virtual servers and change things like weather, weather, wallpapers, and more.

Ifland will come to Europe later this year

Earlier this year, SKT announced its partnership with European telecom giant Deutsche Telekom to bring its metaverse platform to Europe.

The South Korean group has said it will release Ifland in Germany by the end of 2022, before expanding to other European countries.

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