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Toronto, ON, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RYU Apparel Inc. (TSXV: RYU) (OTCQB: RYPPF) (FWB: RYAA) (“RYU“or”Hi”), A digital lifestyle brand, and the founder of winning city racing uniforms to train human movement, was pleased to announce that he has signed a mentoring agreement with Thomas Carter, CEO of blockchain company. Total Meeting Meeting and founder and CEO of FinTech Group Shopping Cartreview the design and dissemination of RYU’s Web3 Initiatives as part of the Company’s ever -expanding Metaverse move for current and future business lines .

Thomas Carter has a distinguished career as an executive and innovator in active sports with 30+ years of experience building businesses and investing in athletes. He has helped educate over 500 companies and has spent the past six years working as a leader in blockchain technology and services at FinTech and the Web of Things.

This year, Carter Total Network Services will host the U.S. government’s largest blockchain implementation to date with the U.S. Census Bureau helping to record over 500,000 employees by using their. Universal Data Center (UCID).

Carter said, “I am excited to be a part of the RYU group as an important part of their business. I see their excellent dress and lifestyle, and similar events like the recently announced NFL Alumni Academy, are opportunities for me to be a mentor in helping. them to take their productivity to the next level.

Thomas Carter has been seen as an important part of RYU’s move into immersive and virtual experiences that will help better connect customers everywhere. In addition, RYU CEO Cesare Fazari announced that with RYU’s partnership with the NFL Alumni Academy, he will provide leadership and professional development to NFL players. This work will be supported by Carter’s knowledge of Capital Markets and Web3.

Through Carter’s advice, the Company explained the plans to get involved Rypplzzmanufacturers in the digi-physical realm, a memo application Easy Play. They will be instructed to create their own 2D/3D LightPlay displays for use in stores, in pop-up areas and for other retail purposes to interact with customers, more brand sponsors.

In addition, they will work with RYU to develop and implement a UGC (user -generated) framework and special practices to build integration and stability among customers.

RYU sees great power in working with Rypplzz’s patented Interlife®, the geo-spacial technology under LightPlay, designed to elevate human awareness by connecting people, knowledge, and those in the physical space.

CEO Cesare Fazari said, “At RYU, we know it’s important to connect our customers in new, effective, and immersive ways and that’s what Rypplzz and Thomas bring to the table. Between Thomas ’many years of use on Web3 advancing the blockchain economy and Rypplzz’s ability to bring enhanced and virtualized content to users, we think it’s a success. RYU is well -positioned to be a market leader in the space, always creating immersive experiences and interactions.

Carter expressed his excitement for the opportunity, “My passion is to help professionals find their way. Providing them with the right tools and the best jobs possible. They are the arsenal that I have built my business with. to be responsible for their own business.I am excited to work with Cesare and bring my knowledge to the table with RYU and their partners.

About RYU Apparel
RYU Apparel (TSXV: RYU) (OTCQB: RYPPF) (FWB: RYAA), or Respect Your Universe, is a winning brand of urban sportswear and accessories designed for fitness, performance and fitness. lifestyle of male and female athletes. Designed without compromise for convenience, comfort, and longevity, RYU is there to practice the best human performance. For more information, visit the RYU website at: http://ryu.com

About Total Network Services, Corp:
Total Network Services, Corp. (TNS) is a San Diego -based developer of simple, secure and secure blockchain -enabled products and services designed to help transform the world into a blockchain industry. TNS’s innovations running across industry frontiers – from FinTech to Telecom security – are supported by its network business. TNS’s mission is to improve legacy results by incorporating new levels of validation into future system development. For more information about TNS visit https://tnscorp.io/

No Rypplzz, Inc.
Rypplzz / rip · uhlz / has developed a patented spatial computing system called Interlife® that integrates the digital and physical worlds by allowing digital files to reside in the precise settings of the universe. bad space. Interlife® is designed to elevate human awareness by connecting people, knowledge and objects to the physical center and providing enhanced connectivity. Learn more about Rypplzz visit https://rypplzz.com/ To learn more about Rypplzz LightPlay’s geo messenger app, you can set up and view location -related messages everywhere. https://www.lightplay.app/

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This news release provides information about various problems and doubts about future events. Such information may be put forward indefinitely in relation to assumptions about the magnitude of the problems and uncertainties and is not a guarantee of RYU’s performance in the future, as the saying goes: RYU will sell products or receive media coverage because of its support for the NFL. Community School. There are many challenges and uncertainties that could separate the actual results and plans and objectives of RYU from those described in the foregoing information, including: (i) adverse market conditions. resulting in RYU’s inability to raise the amount of money it needs to participate. and pay under intended settlement agreements; (ii) RYU’s inability to obtain appropriate consents in relation to the proposed agreements, including the consent necessary for the issuance of the RSU; and (iii) is unable to reorganize or change its business as necessary. Actual consequences and future events may differ from what is expected in that knowledge. These tips and advice and forward -looking tips are based on the ideas and concepts of the navigator in the days in which they were created and are all relevant to this publication. Outside of the law, RYU does not intend to update these terms in the future.

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  • RYU Apparel, Inc. is owned. (OTCQB: RYPPF) to Blockchain and Capital Markets expert Thomas Carter

  • RYU Apparel, Inc. is owned. (OTCQB: RYPPF) to Blockchain and Capital Markets expert Thomas Carter


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