Reddit’s new release, NFT-like Avatar Project, allows users to purchase custom Reddit Avatars

Whether this is clever or secret, I can’t decide.

So you know the NFTs? Those avatar movies that Web3 users really want to be attached to their backpacks? Yes, Reddit has seen the NFT hype and is gone: ‘You know, we can do this? We can create our own Reddit NFT, but build them into the site itself.

Like I said, it’s probably smart. Probably not.

On the other hand, today, Reddit launched a new series of Collectible Avatars, which are re -created by the creators of its Snoo brand, which users can purchase and then use the app.

As explained by Reddit:

“Collectible Avatars are small avatars created by independent artists, in association with Reddit, and give owners unique rights on the Reddit site. If anyone sets up their Collectible Avatar as such their avatar on Reddit, they can combine and compare the avatar game with other Reddit avatars and accessories, and their image on the text pieces will have a flash -like effect .

Therefore, NFT digital cameras, with ‘production’ integration, are not a big market. But Redditors may want to buy in, and express their uniqueness in the form of avatars.

In addition to the ability to customize your custom Snoo, Reddit avatars can also support artists, with original creators paying a fraction of the price of each Collectible Avatar purchased.

Collectible Avatars are also linked to the blockchain, which gives them the rights to use their free image on and off Reddit.

If you want. I can’t imagine how many users associated with Reddit would want to use their Snoo avatar in other apps, but if you’ve built a name and face based on Reddit, it can be a way to increase awareness.

So how much do you expect to pay for your Reddit NFT PFP?

Here’s how they differ from the NFT method:

“Each avatar was sold in fixed quantities and could be purchased with fiat (government -issued) coins.

So you don’t have to be an expert in market dynamics to know how much you’re going to pay, even though you’ll always have a log of who the whole world is coming up with blockchain search.

“Avatars Collectible is hosted on Polygon, a major, Ethereum-compatible blockchain. We chose Polygon for its low costs and sustainable implementation.

Ethereum is ‘appropriate’, not ‘established’, which is a simple reason for the current decline in crypto markets.

Reddit did not provide specific details about the prices of each image, but as the example goes here, prices range from $ 9.99 to $ 74.99, depending on the design.

Reddit collection avatars

So what to do? Would Redditors want to include the NFT feature in their own way?

Going by the usual criticism of NFTs in the app, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Reddit also reported in April that discussion about NFT has increased more than 400% in the past year, so there’s a lot of discussion about the choice in subreddit communities. But I will ask how much of that good talk is, and how many people hate the NFT community.

One way or another, however, Reddit wants to explore possibilities with Web3-aligned tools.

“In the future, we see the blockchain as a way to bring power and independence to communities on Reddit. Reddit has always been a model for the nature of decentralization on the web; our communities are built and run, and as part of our mission to better empower our communities, we are looking for tools to help them become better take care of themselves.

So whether Redditors like it or not, it’s likely that we’ll see these kinds of options in the future – that is, maybe even better. It can be fixed.

Collectible Avatars will be available to all Reddit users in the coming weeks, but you can get the first few images by joining the r / CollectibleAvatars community. Locations are limited, but the avatars themselves are as pictured in this post.

As a result, users can purchase Collectible Avatars where they can regularly create avatars on Reddit, using local funds.

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