Qualtrics has a large number of customers such as Metaverse, SupportLogic publishes training and evaluation, more news.

Qualtrics knew the metaverse could be a failure. 1 market, MACH Alliance appoints Holly Hall as director, Konnecto raises $ 21M, more news.

Nearly 60% of consumers refer to the metaverse as the most effective way they advertise, according to new research from Qualtrics.

Is the world of augmented reality and authenticity the marketing path of the future? Maybe. Some are good for it. Some say it was years ago.

Now, Qualtrics also finds that 90% of customers think there are too many ways to interact with customers. This led to conflicting responses: 35% of consumers share their value in growth; 29% of customers said their biggest challenge was to improve customer loyalty.

“In times of uncertainty, customers and CMOs need the data to back up their decisions,” Michel Feaster, Qualtrics ’chief research officer, said in a statement. “It’s clear for a lot of customers how difficult it is to reach and interact with customers.”

Not all customers are in the metaverse: 37% don’t currently advertise in the metaverse because they can’t justify metaverse advertising activities. In addition, more customers spend time in other ways; TV, podcasts and social media (YouTube, Facebook/meta, Twitter, TikTok) are more of a metaverse. However, more than half of consumers (62%) said they were open to buying products in the metaverse.

Other excerpts from the survey:

  • 97% of consumers say they will re -launch the metaverse five years from now
  • The population that spends the most time in the metaverse is men (63%) and consumers range from 26-41 (59%).
  • The top thresholds where consumers pay the most attention to ads are on: YouTube (58%), Facebook/meta (43%), TV (36%), Instagram (30%) and Metaverse (19%)

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MACH Alliance appoints Holly Hall as Director

The MACH Alliance, a group of independent technology organizations that support high -quality technology ecosystems, has announced that it has selected its first director: Holly Hall will begin on September 1st.

MACH Alliance President Sonja Keerl will move to the advisory board.

“The MACH Alliance is backed by some of the biggest and most trusted names in technology, and I have a great desire to accomplish that with two years of great experience under our belt,” Hall said in an announcement. “I will focus on maintaining the balance between increasing our growth, building the global community and maintaining the stability of the MACH certification. I will also focus on increasing our effectiveness.” as we live on earth in other events and online times. We will travel to more places, in better ways than ever before. “

Hall serves as the head of The Drum Network. Prior to The Drum, he was the executive director of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA).

The Alliance has also announced four new implementation plan options:

  • Gordana Vuckovic, on behalf of Vue Storefront

  • Chris Bach, on behalf of Netlify

  • Dom Selvon, on behalf of E2X

  • Jon Panella, on behalf of Publicis Sapient

Jasmin Guthmann will take Keerl’s position on the executive board on the Contentstack side, and Casper Rasmussen will replace Valtech to replace Pascal Lagarde, who will move to the advisory board.

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