Program Genius X: A key that unlocks access to the best Cardano programs

Genius X is an accelerator program for the first building startup in Cardano. By participating in the Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) and staking program, you will have access to the best Cardano programs.

From Alonzo’s hardwood in September 2021 to the ability to master the deal, there are today over 1,000 applications built in Cardano. The user experience continues to grow as there are about 3.4 million ADA wallets and about 2,000 new wallets being created every day. With 1.2 million wallets offering their ADA certificates among 3,000 stake pool operators, Cardano has become one of the largest decentralized Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Unfortunately, this growth came with its drawbacks. Scams, rugpulls, and other malicious practices that plague other blockchains such as Ethereum have gone to Cardano, destroying trust and destroying the value of each other’s cryptocurrencies. this man.

How do you prevent projects that lack the resources to focus on dApps to add value to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem?

The Genius X staking program: Get an overview of the best staking programs in Cardano

The Genius X staking software and its genuine GENSX branding are your key to unlocking access to the best Cardano projects. The main benefit of recording your GENSX certificates is that you receive 20% of the revenue earned by the Genius X certification program, which can include both GENSX certificates and the program’s actual certificates. Gifts will be made from the Genius X DAO Treasury. For example, if Genius X owns 5% of the customer’s staking stock, the Genius X staking system will receive 20% of the amount, or 1% of the customer’s staking stock. customer. Check out some of the programs you can participate in by joining the Genius X staking program:

  1. Water signals ($ FLUID)A decentralized peer-to-peer NFT loan facility in Cardano allows lenders to use their NFT as a loan. Fluid Token takes advantage of the growth of NFTs by allowing you to use your NFT as a creditor for a credit card, eliminating the need to lock your fungible water tokens. required by other thresholds.
  2. Scholarships ($ SMART)An ecosystem that enables users to interact and connect by posting their ideas, liking other people’s posts, and meeting other people. yes. Unlike a global 2.0 site like Facebook or Twitter that monetizes user data and maintains all assets, the Smart Places Protocol allows users to use to earn signals by interacting with other people and transferring their data by displaying advertisements.
  3. Haka Waena ($ HYN)—An online multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game with Play-to-Earn (P2E) set throughout the HHMC world.
  4. Available in Metaverse ($ REACH) –Reach Cloud provides the technology and hosting platform for creating meta sites, allowing users to build and interact with Reach Metaverse; from stores, art galleries, clubs and more; the whole world has access to VR simulations from any device.
  5. Maestro ($ MSTR) –Maestro provides business owners to master the process for Cardano dApps, an ISPO marketplace and development platform, as well as Level 2 node operations.
  6. Martify ($ MAFY) –Developing a system for game and metaverse projects to integrate smart contracts and NFTs.
  7. Ledgity($ LTY) –Dedicated and dedicated central money gives users an integrated library for cryptocurrencies, privacy, real estate, and more.
  8. Cardahub ($ CHT) Provides advanced NFT services for Cardano, a single store for NFTs, with marketing, delivery, and integration for both catalogs.
  9. Hanai Cardano($ FEED) –The news platform is created separate from the knowledge base. Search for programs and news in over 20 different categories, upvote articles, opinions, and get your subscription paid with subscriptions.
  10. Algae Token (TBD or to be determined)The Algae Token program is located in Cardano that implements real -world environmental solutions. Their main goal is to build a sustainable farming system for microalgae, the world’s largest food source.
  11. Design (TBD)The Division will be able to create water markets supported by digital resources in Cardano. Its mission is to make investments in NFTs simple, safe, and affordable, inviting investment. Features provided include the use of NFTs, instant conversion of NFTs, and sales portals.
  12. Drunk ($ DG)Drunken Dragon is running an Autonomous Fantasy Franchise with Decentralized Intellectual Property. Lovers can offer ideas to shape the development of their world. Nowadays, independent producers and studios are encouraged to offer value -added projects. The new Drunken Dragon NFT mint is scheduled for mid -July 2022.
  13. The Company of Benjamin (TBD) The mission of the Benjamin Club is to prepare the way for artists and collectors to enter the Cardano ecosystem. The program enhances the quality of the image, releases new levels, and creates a more realistic movement.

The programs listed are just an example of beginners to the Genius X accelerator program. More information about the other startups will be published. The rapid growth of dApps built on Cardano has made it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of new programs. Many people in the Cardano ecosystem have previously fallen victim to providing scams, joining the ISPOs of closed projects, or buying tokens whose dApp has been fraudulent.

Genius X – Searching for rocks in a sea of ​​uncertainty

Genius X is one economic development program leading to effective training for beginner applicants for the Genius X Accelerator Program.Genius X, launched by the global company behind Genius Yield, takes a close look at each startup team’s experience and performance, product quality, competitive advantage, current development levels and with many other features.

The Genius X team is looking for projects that have a Proof Of Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with founders looking to become key players in the Cardano ecosystem. All founders are required to go through a KYC process, where their knowledge and experience is verified. When a project is chosen to join the accelerator program, Genius X provides industry leadership and product development, tokenomics design, legal planning, sales planning, pitch deck demonstration. , and their technical white paper. If the startup is looking for new funding for development, Genius X can connect them with our network of approved sponsors or help them set up an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO).

The Genius X team has struggled to bring value to the Cardano ecosystem and has about a dozen startups in the program. A three -member group of startups have joined the accelerator program, increasing value for those in the GENSX staking program.

Benefits of the GENSX staking program

Below are some benefits for participants in the GENSX staking program:

  • 20% of the signal of each project is generated by the accelerator program
  • 20% off Genius X Launchpad feesexpected to begin in Q3 2022.
  • Government and voting rights on all Genius X Improvement Proposals (GIPs).
  • Genius X Utility NFTs are already available
  • Genius X launchpad is available for sale
  • The Genius X Grant Program is available from Q1 2023 where stakers can submit a project, select, receive scholarships, and select projects to receive scholarships.

Want to download GENSX models and learn more about Genius X?

  1. Beginnings– Submit a request from the Genius X website.
  2. ADA Standards– Join Genius X on social media and watch the Genius X ISPO to download GENSX awards, running through September 12, 2022 (Epoch 363). There are many benefits of the $ GENSX brand, such as having a share of the revenue stream and NFT Utilities.
  3. Special Agent / Authorized Investors– Communicate via social media and fill out the contact form provided here.

About Genius X

Genius X is driving innovation on the Cardano website and encouraging Web3 startups to build blockchain -based businesses that will have a significant impact globally. We develop and enhance amazing projects on Cardano and Web3 through our advice, guidance, and development insights.

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