Polarys announces paid NFTs for services,

LONDON, UK, July 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Blockchain, Polarys, has begun developing a back-to-back platform for traditional businesses, brands, and designers to create and sell NFTs for a fee. Non-fungible signals (NFTs) are a critical impact on the critical problems of industries and the signals that face building and preventing their presence in the digital world.

Explaining and identifying new use cases of NFTs beyond collectors and images is key to bringing about widespread use. Polarys makes NFTs that are meritorious (i.e., NFTs that give retainers access to a range of real gifts) that can be made available to all by giving. as a result of being easier on the ship, better navigation to customers, better community, and more accessible streams for brands and manufacturers. . Its NFT-As-A-Service offerings and membership platform re-establish customer resilience and engagement for brands and has been developed with manufacturers and communities. The company hopes to become the first independent retailer in Europe for any large business from small to large, to create, run and monetize paychecks based on NFT without crypto knowledge and coding. Users can buy and hold the right NFTs from trusted companies they know, so avoid scams as seen on over 80% of programs on leading sites. current market.

Community housing has become more than affordable. It is becoming the backbone of the new industry. The use of new technology will allow brands to validate themselves in the future, and ensure customer engagement and engagement with the public. of new generations. It is not difficult to get into site 3 for businesses. That’s why the company at Polarys is building a simple and easy way for any business or manufacturer to build community, monetize & foster resilience with its NFT-as-a-Service gift.

“We believe we need to provide traditional Web2 applications and users with a reliable and easy-to-use marketplace focused on the right NFTs, with back-to-back support from the ease of onboarding to payment and invoice handling, ”said Selin Suntay, CEO of Polarys.

“With Polarys’ one-stop-shop for brand and business NFTs, users will have the best and easiest experience on top. We want to be able to use NFTs for everything and providing greater use of Web3 and other features across all industries, ”said Whitney James, Marketing Lead, Polarys.

Polarys is building on the $ METIS network – known for its fast speed, high security, low costs, and indigenous care. The team behind Metis are interested in working on the protocol

Polarys will begin its genesis NFTs collection on July 22, giving users free access to the platform, joining the first white list of all ads released on Polarys , and an air of the platform’s own deflationary signal, POLAR. You can be the first to join their free whitelist and get new ones at the beginning of the site.

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Polarys provides the best Web3 information for Web2 users, developers, and businesses. It provides traditional businesses and users with a reliable and easy-to-use marketplace of NFT benefits that offers real-life gifts to tenants, with back-to-back support from the convenience of onboarding payment and invoice handling. It takes Web3 to the forefront of the moment by changing the way it handles customer satisfaction, integration, and retention by removing control. of the community with NFTs. Polarys believes that community leadership is the future, and a thriving community is the key to the profession. The company is located in Lithuania & UK.

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