Italy is urging Museums to end agreements with NFT agencies, saying ‘unregulated’ languages ​​could jeopardize the country’s cultural heritage.

When Florence’s Uffizi Gallery bought an NFT of Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo for € 240,000 last year, it looks like there has been a huge new stream of money. But it turned out that the technology company he had joined to do the digital work took a lot of money to get to the museum. It … Read more

Manao | Cuba on July 11, 2021, assisted by artists and writers.

Parjanya Christian Holtz is an independent filmmaker in Denmark. Parjanya Christian Holtz is an independent cinema based in Denmark. In Cuba, hundreds of innocent people are in prison today because they dared to demand freedom a year ago. The “lucky” people – including Washington Post Opinions contributor Abraham Jiménez Enoa and photojournalist Carolina Barrero, the … Read more

Net FDI is rising to a 4 -month high

ALEXANDER MIL-UNSPLASH Na Keisha B. Ta-asan NET INFLLOWS of foreign direct investment (FDIs) in the Philippines rose to a four -month high in April due to the re -opening of the economy and trade liberalization measures that lifted the investor. make up.fidence. Data released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on Monday said FDI … Read more