OpenSea Releases Zero-Fee NFT Aggregator Called “OpenSea Pro”

OpenSea has announced a new zero-fee NFT collection in order to increase its presence in the market and recover some of the trading volume achieved in the past. The new OpenSea Pro, as the product will be called, is just a result of a project called Gem. Thanks to this new decision, OpenSea believes that it will be easier for them to attract new investors and NFT traders.

OpenSea, one of the largest NFT markets, has announced its new OpenSea Pro product, a new version of the previously named Gem market. This month, OpenSea decided to stop selling this platform and it is attracting a new group of people who can enter the NFT market in a different way.

The knowledge released e OpenSea in a blog post a few days ago, they announced that they are launching the “most powerful NFT marketplace aggregator” thanks to the new product rebranding. The official statement reads:

“OpenSea Pro introduces a new level of choice, choice, and control for pro collectors. Building on previous Gem designs, we’re excited to roll out a much-improved model ( (read: bigger and more reliable) allows collectors to find the best deals and deals across 170 markets, and find the best tools to suit their needs. for automation.

Some of the new services offered by OpenSea include:

  • Retail Sales Data
  • High Command
  • Inventory Control
  • Buy now
  • Best gas rates
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Other Updates

The Live Cross-Marketplace Data feature allows users to see collection activity across marketplaces. The information provided will be updated in real time. Thanks to high orders, users will have the opportunity to get the best NFT value. That way, users will have control and understanding of their purchases, collections and more.

In addition, the asset management option gives users full control of their inventory. The management of NFTs will be done with ease in an excellent user interface. In addition, thanks to the instant purchase option, users can collect any type of offer from a wide range of sales points, increasing the sales opportunities of users at a high price. .

Many other features have been added to the new OpenSea Pro platform. This is also a good way for OpenSea to increase its presence in the market after the rapid growth of Blur. It might be a good time to try out this new platform and see what it can offer.

Blur has Territory and Trading Volume

Another thing worth noting is Blur’s growth in recent months. Thanks to its rapid growth, there has been a significant migration of traffic from OpenSea to Blur, so that this platform can become a strong competitor of OpenSea.

Blur not only has other features that OpenSea does not offer, but also introduced a new brand through an Airdrop that increased its popularity and presence in the market as well. Thanks to its intuitive interface, users can view, buy and sell NFTs, as provided by OpenSea.

For these reasons, OpenSea needs to expand its product offering and bring back the users it already has. Many of these people and NFT lovers have moved to Blur, because it is a better platform in terms of solutions and features.

As the NFT market continues to evolve, the competition between NFT markets is increasing. Besides OpenSea and Blur, there are other new players like SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation. These markets differentiate themselves by offering different types of NFTs, such as cartoons, music, and tweets. Each platform has its own features that attract different types of users.

As the NFT market continues to grow, we can expect to see more NFT markets emerging with different ways to cater to different types of users. It will be interesting to see how OpenSea Pro will do in this highly competitive market and whether it will be able to attract new users and regain its lost market share and presence in the non-branded market. -fungible.

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