NFT will enter the best metaverse of 2022

It is an exciting time in the cryptocurrency market as there are more projects than ever before with ideas about the metaverse.

One such project is Silks, which looks to use blockchain technology and create a first -of -its -kind derivative game experience.

This article will discuss the Silks project in detail – showing what it is all about, how its global economy is doing and the developers ’interesting roadmap.

What is Silica? A brief overview

Silks is a metaverse play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows players to interact with a variety of assets in a nonfungible token (NFT) game as well as exciting game features derived from the real world of and thoroughbred horse racing. The game gives a unique way to the P2E game by connecting each of its horses shown to a real racing horse.

These links explain why Silks players receive prizes: When a horse wins a race in real life, the owner of the Silks horse will receive a guaranteed prize. to the real transactional symbol of the game, STT. Prizes are distributed through other mind -blowing activities such as staking and raffle, providing an opportunity for Silks players to increase revenue through their gaming activities.

In the Silks Metaverse, players can purchase pieces of natural land and build shops to host their Silks horses. The land and shops, as well as Silks avatars and horses, are set up like NFTs, allowing players to trade these in -game assets through the market. second.

The Silks ecosystem takes care of itself

Gifts are given to owners of Silks horses at STT that can be used to purchase items on the secondary market.

There is another control symbol of the game, SLK. According to the white paper, this metaverse will be managed through a decentralized organization (DAO), with SLK engineers able to select the proposed changes to the threshold. Players can convert STT to SLK at a convertible price.

One of the main reasons for the Silks ecosystem is mining: To achieve a single link between Silks horses and their natural counterparts, decentralized databases are used with knowledge about blood flow. of each thoroughbred, progressive progress and race results.

Miners verify the data through a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method, with mining costs shared in SLK. When Silks starts, the initial data will be organized; however, as the Silks metaverse expands over time, these data will become very fragmented. Finally, this mining process can provide regular income for community members.

NFTs: An integral part of the Silks Metaverse

The Silks avatars used by the players and horses of the game are arranged as NFT. Players need a Silks avatar before they can get a Silks horse, as these avatars will help players identify in the Silks Metaverse.

The first crop of Silks horses will be harvested in mid -2022. However, the plants will be harvested later each year according to the registration of year -olds – one -year -old horses – to the real world. All NFT horses will be sold on a blind sale, which means that the player can get the most valuable horse regardless of financial status.

Because the Silks metaverse has a large amount of virtual land, players can purchase one acre of land built similar to NFT. This land was needed to build stables for Silk horses and sold with STT.

The Future of Silks

Looking ahead, the Silks development team has specifically planned to integrate housing and player rights into the Silks Metaverse, allowing sub-economies to thrive among similar community members.

The Silks road map outlines plans for a public sale of Silks avatars in the second quarter of 2022. Then the first sale of Silks avatars, then there will be land and shops for sale. Its third in 2022. is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022, allowing Silks players to produce racing and birthday gifts.

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