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Where are you from? (Give a little bit of your side, you may have moved, etc.)

I’m from Rimini, Italy. I moved to London in 2015 at age 9, and since then.

Can you tell us about your personality and what will guide you on the path to becoming a painter and experimenting with NFTs?

My art form started at the beginning of my life, art is the reason. It starts with drawing in Microsoft Paint and book covers on paper. From then on, when I moved to London, I started making small journals. My art path really started when I started creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. It sparked my interest in design, and taught me the power of learning new skills. Speaking in detail about drawing, I started learning 3D with SketchUp Pro in early 2019, even though I bought my first 3D printer at the time. I have improved my skills each year by making dishes and accessories for the “mine” online store. 2021 was a life -changing year, as I began to compete in design competitions and engage in a professional mindset. NFTs really started out as another activity on the calendar. My ability to start this journey has been really soft, but it started in December 2021, and since then there have been no regrets, really going, finishing school at 15y/o to look at to draw.

When did you do your first NFT? What site did you choose and why?

My first NFTs were published in early December 2021, when I started. I don’t know much about them, and the laziness of writing them on Rarible has no collection. There is no fixed number or anything, because I have no idea what I am doing. Since then, I’ve burned everything on Rarible, and started the journey again with new BrickBeads in March 2021 on OpenSea and beyond. I chose OpenSea for the large collection because it is the largest NFT market, and affordable for me to start with.

Can you tell us something you can’t live without? (and why)

I can’t live without music. The reason is that it is the most powerful motivator for photography and life in general. If I think of falling down, I can think of the future, even though I think I have to think, happy and happy, and as if I didn’t have the time.

Who is your favorite artist (Non NFT)? How about their attitude towards you

There are many artists that I admire very much, and it is not appropriate to point out just one. Everyone has a style; I will be adding to the list Federico Clapis, 0xTjo, Four IV, OtherWorld, FVCK Render, Mark Inducil, Ronald Ong, 1DontKnows and many more… Special announcement however to the popular XCOPY and Beeple, which which I will admire and look up to. When we talk about styles, it’s just a matter of time. When I saw their picture, I liked it, even though they immediately criticized me.

Who is your favorite NFT painter? What is so special about this artist?

If I had to look at one of the team’s artists, it was Federico Clapis. I’ve often heard his name say 2020, “before NFTs go mainstream”. The difference of this painter

What are you looking for in an NFT image?

What I was looking for in NFT work before starting a business, which I was doing at the time, was passion. Look, even though there are artists who can’t afford to live again in 2019. But understanding the environment and technology behind NFTs has cut me off from things. all that I do, and as I have said, go in. I will be making the film for a lifetime, and NFT is the beginning and the hope for the future. It’s unique, and it’s just the beginning.

What NFT did you want to sell but lose

Although I’ve sold a lot of NFTs and it’s grown a lot, I haven’t really bought a single NFT. The reason is that I am trying to save for a new studio, equipment and more. I plan to buy images soon from selected artists because I am a big believer in NFTs and photography itself.

If you could go to any other part of the world where would you go? Why this place?

I live in London, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. As for the trip, I didn’t really care about the trip, just the trip itself. My dream with this business is to be able to travel on a regular basis, while carrying work equipment with me.

What other interests do you have besides photography? Why?

I have many passions outside of art, but technology is the most important. I like NFTs for being so close to displays and objects. I’ve been interested in cutting -edge technology for a long time, writing books and playing myself with amazing things. That is

Do you do other kinds of art?

In the case of other art forms, yes or no. My main thing is no doubt 3D and fast animation. I have always hated physical photography, such as painting, modeling, collage… But I myself am a passionate and professional artist in graphic design, presentation design and cover. book/logo design.

Are you self -taught?

I mean, at least in NFT, the BrickBeads world itself. How I came to be is a very good story. It started when BrickBeads had simple squarish drawings in mid -2019, and will be used for 3D printing that works as vases. They didn’t, so I put them in a database… until I used the idea, it turned out to be unique and they started at the end of 2021. My point, with BrickBeads, is to about continuous improvement. Talking about the name, even though it has a meaning, is not true. I paused for 5 minutes, and got the idea for the name, which is constructed with two 5-letter words starting with the letter B for easy reference.

How did you get your specific style?

My mood improves during the day. Improvement is my main focus, and I am proud to see it work, much every month. In my opinion, I went from making bad cubes to hard 3D images and more in ~ 6 months.

How has your character developed over the years?

I’ve worked with a few artists, and don’t plan to team up anytime soon. Although I think of some ideas…

What’s next in the future?

As for the coming falls, yes. Like I said, SuperRare genesis, my best piece of art should arrive in early September (this year) and more BrickBeads are coming to the BrickBeads 2 Collection.

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