NASDAQ presents Floki with one of the best Metaverse stocks to buy in 2022

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May 17, 2022

Floki has rocked the crypto world in 2021 with a global marketing campaign that announced the countries and announced a partnership with major football companies and Alfa Romeo’s Formula 1 company. Below six months later, Floki emerged from a rock bottom to become a top 70 crypto platform by a market cap at USD 3.5b, before settling with a global decline in equities and crypto.

The Floki Team and the Vikings accomplished this through a combination of smart tokenomics, meme and raid culture, wholesale, a partnership with market maker Wintermute, DeFi protocol Inverse Finance and the realization of love that is supported by a real world destiny. Floki has teamed up with Kimbal Musk’s Millions Gardens Movement and donated USD 1.4me to help the group fight food insecurity and this May (2022) ended a charity school program in Nigeria in partnership with the Tabitha Cumi Foundation.

The Floki project’s ecosystem includes community, education, DeFi and moving into the metaverse game, which is starting to gain traction and gain attention from major financial news outlets such as

The Road to Valhalla

In 2021, the Floki Group announced their intention to eliminate one of the hottest segments in crypto: play-to-play metaverse gaming. The game is called Valhalla, and an Alpha version of the Battle Arena version of the game was released for testing this year. open to the public This is only May of 2022. The quality of the game and the speed of development have allayed the skeptics and drawn the attention of major online stores.

“[Floki is]… in the run for a viable crypto metaverse – more and more people are looking for undervalued cryptocurrencies. The money is named after Elon Musk’s dog… According to the project’s website it aims to combine memes with real use cases. It is also said to start a game and an NFT market as well as a knowledge and education platform. This is an ongoing project, but it has not stopped people from buying FLOKI tickets.
Scott Jeffries, “Best Metaverse Indicators to Buy for 2022”

The Floki and Valhalla companies have a head in this red, growing area of ​​crypto. The popular Floki Community (also known as Floki Vikings) has been teaming up with Valhalla for months now to participate in its development through testing and feedback, and new pieces are constantly being released. and “leaks”.

Floki won the Metaverse

Floki’s move to the metaverse is no small feat, as the project is looking to reclaim its original retail market before generations fall into the markets.

“… Metaverse funding will be given an unused period of time for 2022. One of the world’s largest technology companies, Meta, will also help with the metaverse, even as it changes its name from Facebook. The company reportedly raised USD 10 billion in its metaverse project last year, calling it the future of technology. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the key to that journey.

Scott Jeffries, “Best Metaverse Indicators to Buy for 2022”

The potential to complete this area is evident with newer projects and small hats. Smart crypto investors are paying close attention to the metaverse game, and Floki is ready to expand this trend in a big way.

No official release date has been announced for Valhalla, but it’s fair to say that this announcement will be turned heads in crypto and out. Available to those who are interested to try a part of Valhalla find out the style and gameplay compared to e-commerce games.

Here is a part of the Valhalla universe, developed, from Valhalla leading to “Mr Brown (Whale).”

Learn more about Floki & Valhalla

Floki is changing the game in crypto. You can learn more about the program at and search for the Floki Company at Twitter. If you like, you can check out the Alpha power play o Valhalla ma valhalla.pāʻani and join the Floki Vikings at Telegram.

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