Nansen added support for Solana NFT

GM Nansen fans!

Nansen is excited to announce NFT support for Solana!

Solana is one of the most sought after chains and has a successful NFT ecosystem. Our Solana NFT analytics dashboards cover over 53,000 collections, using real -time data, across the chain. Data points such as minting function for new projects, who buys/sells, hodler function is one of the main features we offer. By relying on real -time data, we can provide you with the most accurate information as quickly as possible. The quality of the data and the breadth of coverage allows you to know the right times, make accurate and make informed decisions when implementing NFT projects related to Solana.

Like Ethereum, many dashboards are available for FREE for our Nansen Lite subscribers. We will briefly walk through the dashboards included in this release throughout the rest of the article.

NFT paradise

Think of an NFT paradise like CoinGecko for NFTs where you can get an overview of what’s been happening in the market in the last 24 hours. As mentioned at the beginning, we offer coverage of over 53,000 collections and use the data in real time, in a chain to give you the most up -to -date information. There are 2 main courses for the NFT paradise: Market Overview and Mint Master.

Sales Review

The first dashboard you’ll see is “24H NFT Market Overview,” which allows you to get a good overview of popular collections in terms of market size, collection’s market size, etc. standard cost of NFTs, number of bags. in conjunction with the NFT agreement and the year of the NFT collection. The second dashboard is the “Top 5 Collections” dashboard, which shows you the sales volume of the top 5 NFT collections in the last 24 hours.

At the bottom of the page we have the “Profit Leaderboard” dashboard, which shows the performance of the top NFT traders on the network. We give you a breakdown of their activity on the dashboard and you can make deep dives into their wallets and wallets through our NFT Wallet Profiler tool.

Kumu Mint

Mint master helps with the signal for new NFT drops and we get it for our regular board writer. By relying on the data at the contract level, we are able to get the highest coverage as possible, unlike other sites out there. In crypto it’s a real payday early and this dashboard gives you quick access to popular programs that people are enjoying. We feature the mint tone and FOMO level of the NFT to allow you to remove the largest drops in the air.

Like the wealth leaderboard in the “Market Overview” section, Mint Master comes with its own Minting Leaderboard. The dashboard shows the money bags that got the most value from mitting and how much they spent on mitting. This allows you to see the money bags at the top of the game and you can keep their bags in Nansen to see the new projects they are urinating.

NFT God kind

O DeGods NFT God Mode Overview Dashboard

NFT God Mode provides collection level data for the 53,000 global collections we cover and also includes an “Overview” section for our Nansen Lite subscriber. , “Trades” and “Related Collections” for our regular domain name user.Each panel monitors the display of critical data such as changes in wallet balance, the providing the oldest, hodler work and popular collections among NFT holders.Below are some of the different dashboards we have found on different pages.

DeGods NFT God Mode Breakdown Dashboard
DeGods NFT God Mode Hodlers Dashboard
DeGods NFT God Mode Related Collections Dashboard

Would you like to view some of the dashboards mentioned? Sign up for a Nansen Lite account today!

NFT Wallet Profiler

NFT wallet profiler is the dashboard to make deep dives into the wallets you want. The dashboard shows a summary of the current value of the NFTs in the bag, the NFTs held in the bag, a breakdown of the cash flow and the loss when dealing with the NFTs. NFT and historical works.

In this example, we are looking at the wallet profiler for the third -selected wallet in our asset guide. With only ~ 560 SOLs spent, a person is able to earn over 2.34K SOLs in revenue, a 419% positive ROI. We find that almost all of the items are from the same collection. DeGods. Interestingly, the wallet was not made when it came to trading in the past, with 2 transactions in the last 56 hours. Even better, the fact that inactivity combined with most of your income recorded in a single collection indicates that it may not be a bag of money you want to be wary of.

Market Conditions

Would you like to know more about how the Solana NFT market works? You are covered in the dashboard of market types. This dashboard gives you an insight into the nature of the market and the level of user performance. Year to date, Solana NFT has a total of 19.7M SOLs in total sales among 910K independent bags. Mining volume was around 3.69M SOL YTD, accounting for 18.7% of the total amount produced.

Advice: AuctionHouseOthers stores that use the “standard store” agreement to which we sign a firm. Examples of such markets Fractal a CoralCube.

Users and traders increased every week in the week of June 13, 2022 with 77K users making ~ 520K NFTs and over 124K users making trades ~ 394K in various stores. We often see high activity between 17:00 – 19:00 UTC hours every day, which indicates the time with the highest water on the market.

Solana NFT projects with +10, +100, +1000 sales per week saw significant growth over time, rising from 1,293, 377 and 59 projects at the beginning of the year. at 2,460, 723 and 166 projects currently. Today, we find that projects with 1k of weekly contract activity are faster than any other area. This may reflect the focus of the NFT market in Solana on established projects.

NFT ‘ikamu Profiler

NFT item profiler gives you an overview of the trading history for NFT and current trades. This allows you to perform NFT level monitoring and deep diving. This dashboard is available to our regular subscribers!

The end

The Solana NFT ecosystem is growing and that is what we need to be on the lookout for. It is often difficult to separate the hype from the good in the NFT room and the data in the chain can help distinguish it from the noise. Sign up for a Nansen Lite account and start searching today!

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