Metropoly Enters Level 11 After Raising $1 Million – One Month Left To Invest

After raising $1 million in fundraising, the Metropoly presale officially entered the 11th stage. With 2600 participants, the Metropoly presale is starting soon as investors look to take advantage of the last presale prices before the start of the token on tier-1 exchanges.

Metropoly has built an NFT marketplace filled with NFTs backed by real estate. Each of the NFTs represents a responsible investment in real estate that generates real passive income for the holder every month.

Metropoly raises $1 million to head to level 11

The Metropoly presale has raised $1 million so far. The tenth part of the presale, buying the METRO token for $ 0.0714, has just ended, and the presale has reached the eleventh level – with an increase in the price.

The presale for the METRO token is the first price and payment tokens on the platform. The virtual token will be used to purchase real-value backed NFTs from the trading platform, providing a perfect use case for epic growth when the market is released.

The presale started heating up after the company released the third beta version of the platform. They also announced that they intend to launch the platform at the beginning of May, opening the doors of real estate to the public. As a result, investors waiting on the sidelines rushed to the presale after realizing that they would not have to wait long for their investments to see returns once the platform was launched.

Metropoly makes it a profitable investment

Metropoly has created a new solution to the real estate investment problem. With interest rates rising around the world, it is becoming more and more expensive for investors to get a mortgage to invest in real estate. However, without rising interest rates, real estate investment is largely confined to the wealthy, who are able to provide large deposits to acquire large-scale businesses.

Fortunately, this will change when the Metropoly market is released. The market liberalizes real estate investing by allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in real estate. In addition, there is no need to ask a bank, take out an invasive loan, or fill out endless paperwork when investing in Metropoly.

But users can start with as little as $100 and secure their first investment in a matter of seconds. The initial capital is very low because all the assets in the Metropoly portfolio are decentralized, that is, they are broken into large units and marked as NFT. Buying one of the NFTs means that you are investing in shared assets, where cash flow and profits are shared.

Regardless of the ownership model, NFT holders retain all of their ownership rights. For example, NFT holders can sell their NFTs at any time on the exchange to benefit from a significant appreciation in the value of the asset.

NFTs Earnings that have not decreased over time

In addition to using the capital improvement, all NFT holders receive their share of the rental income – giving them a real passive income.

The best part about passive income through these NFTs is that the APY is stable over a long period of time. Instead of offering a high APY to be deducted, returns from Metropoly NFT are generated through capital investment, historically known as the most reliable source of cash flow. This is one of the main reasons why the richest 1% of people use real estate to increase their wealth. Now, with Metropoly, everyone in the crypto sector can access the investment market and exchange their accounts with a few clicks.

The income provided is true because the Metropoly group is the property manager for all the properties in its portfolio. This means that the company will advertise the property in order to find tenants, ensure that the rent is paid on time, and handle all property maintenance. . As a result, NFT holders must keep NFT in their wallets to receive their share of rental income in the form of stablecoins every month.

One month left for investment

With the official launch date of the platform set for the beginning of May, there is only one month left to make the presale prices rock bottom. Although the eleventh stage is not the final presale stage, it will provide an opportunity to invest in METRO at lower prices before the price rises again in the next stage.

Therefore, those who have already invested (even in the current mode) stand to benefit the most when the signal is released and taken by the major changes in the sector.

To participate in the presale, you need a crypto wallet with ETH, BNB, or USDT. There is a minimum purchase of $100 in the initial purchase, but you will soon be in on a Burj Khalifa resort offering that generates over $100,000 in rental income per year.

symbol METRO
Safe and sound Ethereum (ERC-20)
Provide 1 Billion
Tokens are sold at a pre-sale

200,000,000 METERS
Funds are supported USDT, ETH, BNB
List price

1 METRO = $0.1

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