Mehracki (MKI) and Decred (DCR): 2 DAO currencies that could become the best Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022

At that time, it was called a crypto failure, it can be seen that a lot of money is lost property. This fall is said to be an unavoidable event. However, the bull run is considered after the end of the makeke bear. Analysts note that investors can make good use of the present to earn higher revenue in the future.

Mehracki (MKI): The Victory of the Crypto Winter

Investors who share their investments on platforms such as Reddit crypto subreddits say that this is a very good time for signals in the initial trading process. Looking at data from platforms such as Coinbase, it can be seen that new platforms that fulfill the primary purpose of the sale continue to attract investors even as they decrease. Among these projects, Mehracki (MKI)is in an extraordinary position above the others, as if one of the winners of the crypto winter.

Although Mehracki (MKI) is a meme piece, it stands out for its new usability improvements. MKI, which is perhaps one of the projects with the highest planning among studies on this topic, has an independent roadmap for NFTs.

The Mehracki Collection (MKI) NFT aims to provide benefits in the blockchain world and real life. Customers who are investing in the service business think it is possible NFT will reap the benefits of the professions, including participation in this field.

of the Mehracki (MKI) project, and community -driven, is an ecosystem advertising campaign that reaches a wider public. One way they can accomplish this is through the use of social media – airdrops, collaboration with influencers, and similar applications that are expected to grow in the Mehracki community (MKI).

Dered (DCR): A very competitive player in the market

Resolved (DCR) gives more than half of the donations to miners. While 30% is allocated as voting rights, 10% is reserved for project development. The project, which focused heavily on the engineering side, aims to separate the services provided in the short term.

One of the biggest goals of the Resolved (DCR) the project will be a specially designed segregation change. The program, which has achieved high success in terms of security, has developed a solid strategy to prevent fraud.

Total (COMP): Full Time

of the Total (COMP) The program provides COMP 2880 signals daily to ecosystem members. The available area changes according to the number of tokens that users hold. Even if users have a small amount of Total (COMP) tokens, they can return these leftovers to their bags. Ecological users can win prizes when they are taken care of Total (COMP) symptoms as a serious. Compensation is determined as a fee equal to the supply-demand balance of the property distributed. Securities held as interest may be returned at any time.

The end:

While the cryptocurrency market has seen better days, it does not mean that cryptocurrencies are gone. In fact, there are two DAO funds that could see significant growth in value in 2022. These two funds are Mehracki (MKI) and Resolved (DCR). Both of these programs have something to offer customers, and they both have more value in the future. If you are looking for a fixed investment opportunity, then you should consider buying MKI or DCR.


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