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Where are you from? (Give a little bit of your side, you may have moved, etc.)

I was born in Lithuania but moved to Ireland with my foster mother when I was young. When I arrived, I did not speak English so it was a difficult transition, more school. The one thing I find most comfortable with is my art courses. There was no defense in the arts and it gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion and hone my skills. I really connected with my art teacher who taught me and helped me grow as an artist.

After many years of hard work, I was admitted to one, if not the best art school in Ireland. In the end, I couldn’t go because I moved to New York.

Can you tell us about your personality and what will guide you on the path to becoming a painter and experimenting with NFTs?

I have always loved art and my dream has been to become an artist since I was a child. When I moved to New York in my twenties, everything changed. A lot of people around me told me I couldn’t get a job and I had a “real job.” For the next two years, I stopped doing things. I worked in a veterinary clinic, law firm and real estate, I jumped from job to job and wasn’t very happy.

Finally, a few more years ago I decided to go back to art. Now, however, I vowed to myself that I would not give up. Just a few months later, I started my own business providing ordered photos. From the beginning, I have been blessed with a full monthly subscription. Demand for my work was so strong, I had a waiting list of customers asking for custom art. I have had the honor of being featured in major books such as Forbes, Marie Claire and Martha Stewart.

After running an art commission for several years, I thought something was missing. I want to work with clients to create commission pieces but I want to do something I just want to do. I found NFTs to be a great opportunity to do what I wanted to do. I decided to start a collection of stories called The Lurkers.

The Lurkers has 23 story lines. Using a combination of graphics, animation, and music, iamlaurael tells a new piece of the story with each piece. The story is based on dark spirits called Lurkers who follow children who have bad thoughts or bad thoughts. If the kids give in to the offense, the Lurkers will take them into the pit and eat them in their darkness. This circle has re -created itself for years until one day a very special child, a good child catches one of the Lurker. Is this a reversal of the story? You need to follow with @iamlaurael to find out!

When did you do your first NFT? What site did you choose and why?

I released my first NFT, Lurkers #000 Two Worlds in February. I chose the Solana blockchain because it was told to me by some friends. After doing some research, I first noticed that Solana was a strong, friendly and supportive community and that was what sealed the agreement. It’s one of those blockchains that is environmentally friendly as a traditional retailer that uses less energy than it takes to do two google searches. I think if digital photography goes a lot and is taken and collected, it has to be relevant to the environment. Also, there are almost no gas prices in Solana so from a usage point of view, it’s just reasonable.

Can you tell us something you can’t live without? (and why)

I couldn’t live without doing photography. Being an artist is what I was set on earth to do and will continue to do for the rest of my life.

Who is your favorite artist (Non NFT)? How about their attitude towards you

Pascal Campion is my favorite NFT artist. I just love her style and the ability of her pieces to inspire.

Who is your favorite NFT painter? What is so special about this artist?

I can’t choose just one. There are a lot of smart people among different blockchains. I appreciate all the different styles and I find new artists that I love every day!

What are you looking for in an NFT image?

After running an art commission for several years, I thought something was missing. I want to work with clients to create commission pieces but I want to do something I just want to do. NFTs are a gateway for me to fully express myself and work just for me.

What NFT did you want to sell but lose

I get FOMO in a lot of 1/1 pieces every day! However, one NFT project I forgot about was Solana Monkey Business. I was not in the open when this project was done. Ever since I joined Solana, I have seen the strength of the community for this project. I also love pixel photography. As a woman, there are fewer choices when it comes to PFPs because they are mostly better for men. Luckily, someone listed the SMB I was looking at below the price tag and I pulled it off without a second thought. I am so happy to be part of this community that I thought I had missed!

If you could go to any other part of the world where would you go? Why this place?

I went to Ireland. Ireland has been home to me for many years and I have friends and family there. Nothing is more important to me than them and so Ireland is at the top of my list. It is also a beautiful land that constantly inspires and inspires me.

What other interests do you have besides photography? Why?

My biggest passion outside of photography is my love of animals! I am a dog lover and mother dog at a three year old yellow lab called Lenny. When I started working as a full -time painter, I really combined my two passions by making lots of animal prints for clients. I also ran a fundraiser during COVID where I showed the animals to raise money for local zoos. I earned about $ 12,000. As in the picture, the animals (especially the dog) are very happy.

Do you do other kinds of art?

In my art career, I have tried other art forms but now I only focus on art. I do all my work with an iPad or a photo frame.

Are you self -taught?

In addition to taking a few classes at school, I taught myself. When I bought my first photo gallery, I watched a few YouTube videos but for the most part, I educated myself.

How did you get your specific style?

Prior to doing 1/1 art NFTs, I worked as a full -time commission artist. I started a few years ago with a very minimalist line drawing style. Over the years, I’ve developed my own unique approach to creating squiggly lines and flat color styles that combine to stimulate the audience’s imagination. I’m making what I call “story books” using my style of telling stories through a single image.

How has your character developed over the years?

It took me a long time to develop my unique style. In fact, many years and hours have passed. It started out as a kind of minimalistic line drawing and became more detailed and colorful works to tell stories.

What’s next in the future?

The Lurkers are my genesis story in Solana. The Lurkers has 23 story lines. Each part of the story tells a story and when viewed in a way, they come together to tell a larger story. There are only 4 pieces of the lizard left to go on sale in the coming weeks. I think in order to tell this clever story, there are many ways I can seek to take it back after it is over. The result of the collection may be the start for The Lurkers. Follow me on the website to come on tour.

If you could join one artist who would it be? (and why)

I can’t tell you every now and then – but I can tell you I’m doing something!

What was your biggest fall and what did you learn from it?

My biggest downfall was quitting film years ago when people told me I couldn’t make a living from it. However, I learned not to give up and my teacher in this world was to be a painter.

What is your main selling point?

At the U.S. dollar price, my biggest purchase was about $ 15,000 at the time of purchase. My biggest purchase on crypto words in my last purchase was Lurkers #018 for 200 Sol.

How much is the sale

See above – the average purchase of USD is around $ 15,000. The largest sale on crypto words was 200 Solana.

Do you have any upcoming falls?

The Lurkers has 23 story lines. Each piece was set up for sale and there were only four pieces left for the lizard. Upcoming auctions are announced on my Twitter page and can be seen here when they are scheduled:

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Is there anything else you would like to share?

Iamlaurael was the first 1/1 photographer in Solana to break a 100 Sol sale. She was featured again on @CozomoMedici’s newsletter.

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