ITT has AM technology capabilities with investment in CRP

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ITT has AM technology capabilities with investment in CRP

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3D printing companies CRP Technology and CRP USA have signed a publishing agreement with ITT, a leading manufacturer of high -performance components and technologies based in Stamford, Connecticut.

CRP Technology is known for its high cost of Windform composite material.

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ITT Technology Company announced its investment in CRP Technology and CRP USA. CRP develops and manufactures 3D -printed composites for the aerospace, defense, automotive, and automotive industries. Its high -performance Windform features enable engineers to develop complex designs and deliver lightweight and durable products. With this investment, ITT owns 46 percent of CRP Technology and 33 percent of CRP USA.

“This market will allow us to implement a very critical business strategy, focusing on growth in the markets we already have, and in new markets with growing related terrain,” said Franco Cevolini, CEO Great CRP Technology. Investment in ITT can contribute to increased productivity to better industry growth and the number of applications.

“CRP is a talent pool for ITT. With nearly three years of leadership and innovation in integration, CRP is able to expand its position in financial science and gain hands -on experience with practice. connect as the businesses we serve are constantly changing, ”said Luca Savi, CEO and President of ITT.

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