Is an Arcade worthwhile in GTA Online in 2022?

Rockstar Games just released a new GTA Online every week, where players can buy the Arcade at a great price.

GTA Online has many activities and activities for users to introduce themselves to earn money, including Arcades. Business has been featured with The Diamond Casino Heist update.

Players can get an Arcade at a 40% discount until July 18. However, with so many other games available in GTA Online, one might wonder if it’s worth investing in. within 2022.

All gamers should know about Arcades in GTA Online


The Arcades are introduced to players after their meeting with Lester Crest at Mirror Park. It provides them with passive income without huge losses in GTA Online. It is considered one of the main sources of income.

To set up an Arcade in GTA Online, users need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. After meeting Lester at Mirror Park, go to the cutscene where Arcades is introduced to the protagonist.
  2. Next, players need to go to and search for Arcades.
  3. Choose one of the six available locations to set up the Arcade.
  4. Full payment and a gift ticket will be provided with the Arcade token purchased.

The property is free for those who have linked their Social Club account to their Twitch Prime account.

As with other activities in the game, players must complete the Setup mission after purchasing the Arcade. It keeps him on the path to professional success and helps prepare him to work to the fullest.

Here are six places to set up an Arcade:

  • Treasury – Davis ($ 2,135,000)
  • Videogeddon – La Mesa ($ 1,875,000)
  • Eight-Bit-Vinewood ($ 2,530,000)
  • Investment – Rockford ($ 2,345,000)
  • Wonderama – Grapes ($ 1,565,000)
  • Pixel Pete’s – Paleto Bay ($ 1,235,000)

Among the six locations, Videogeddon is the most popular for gamers who want to increase their income from it. It is very close to the Diamond Casino, where most of the Arcade missions take place.

Users can create a private plane at its rear entry, which easily helps most missions.

Will Arcade be a real asset in GTA Online in 2022?


When the Arcade is fully utilized, players can access the necessary features to go along with it. Here are some great features of the Arcade:

  • Board Games – Players can access arcade missions from here
  • Bar – Players can buy food and drinks
  • Jukebox – Users can play music from a range of radios within the game.
  • Manager’s Office – Players can navigate the business from here
  • Basement – Players can access the rest of the Arcade features here.
  • Master Control Terminal – Can be used to control other functions.
  • Drone Station – Players can use drones to monitor the building itself.
  • Garage – Users can store their private cars here.

If players fill out available arcade slots, players can receive a maximum limit of $ 5,000 per day as a passive earner. They can save as much as $ 100,000 in security over time.

In addition to the bells and whistles it offers players, the main reason to buy an Arcade is to pull off The Diamond Casino Heist. They can organize the heist with the help of the Heist Planning Board at a very low cost and earn millions on each project implementation.

Users can earn up to $ 3.6 million with it every time, which is why it is considered one of the best heists in the title.

Use your Arcade treasure (or get one for 40% off this week) in the case of The Diamond Casino & Resort’s vault to increase your time to grab Diamonds. Online:

Last but not least, Rockstar has offered a lot of marketing options to GTA Online players for hustling, and Arcades is one of those businesses that is absolutely necessary if they want to make a lot of money.


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