Investment Planning: As with all investments, the investment plan needs to be adjusted after retirement.

A few weeks ago, while googling breakout systems in other countries, I came across this headline: 100 years of Brazilian break record after 84 years in the same company. Brazilian Walter Orthmann joined a company called Industrias Renaux on January 17, 1938, and worked there for 84 years. I think the biggest gain here is in the 100th year, he is always active and alert and always happy to work. In the article I read, she advised: My fear is that tomorrow is another day when I will wake up, wake up, work hard and go to work; you must do it now, not in the past or in the future. Here is the main thing.

There are many news stories about this man that you can Google and find out more but that is not to say that this kind of ‘holiday vacation’ is not on the cards for the payers among us. Rest is terrible. When those who were paid that year arrived, they had usually worked for nearly 40 years. For most of them, their lives have been influenced by the routines of their activities. Most importantly, their income is explained by receiving that payment each month.

Only a small percentage of people who are fortunate enough to have an inflation -protected income — such as rent and government pensions, or those who are rich during their working years — are concerned about the cost of living. much of the problem of rest and poverty. those who rest. Today, life is long and most people have two to three years of life left to retire. In these long years, a lot can be done. For example, even though life expectancy is long, the rise in chronic diseases is because healthspans are short and many of us face prescription drug bills at some point in time. the last half of our lives.

This fear of the unseen — the face of adversity that comes with retirement — becomes very natural to the conservative with post-retirement investments. This is very clear. When you stop earning, there is no plan B. If you incur significant losses on your investment, then the money is gone forever. You can’t get any more and end the losses. This keeps people in their minds. The majority will rely solely on bank accounts, government plans and.

This is safe but not real. The problem is, your stock can withstand a severe disaster, or they can withstand a long and slow disaster. As the frog says in boiling water, the end cannot be seen. Those who are facing this long -term tragedy do not know that there is anything else.

In fact, I know that some people choose this disaster with knowledge. How come? I have spent years explaining that after retirement, balance is needed in order to prevent this slow disaster. There are some people who are well aware of this but are worried about immediate disaster and choose it. This is the greatest misfortune of the world, and from the loss of confidence. This trust is difficult, and the only way to go is through knowledge and experience, combined with real life experiences. That’s the part I’m trying to play with in this book, with the resources you’ll find online, with a full set of values ​​at Value Research Online. However, I have to point out that like all investors, managing your investment plan after retirement is something that needs to be done sooner rather than later. It may be a slow disaster, but the years are moving fast and there is no time for the slow one to come.



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