InfiniteWorld was named “Best Whitelabel Marketplace Creation Platform” by OpenSea-Supported Awards at NFT.NYC

MIAMI, Fla .– (UEA HANA)-At NFT.NYC, metaverse business company InfiniteWorld won the award for Best Whitelabel Marketplace Creation Platform in the community selection. More than 18,000 votes were counted in the NFT -related awards, sponsored by OpenSea, APENNFT, and NFT.Kred at the highly anticipated NFT extravaganza in New York City.

InfiniteWorld supports designers and developers with the technology and tools they need to create and execute a metaverse design, including designing, creating, minting, and distributing NFTs to encourage community participation.

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About InfiniteWorld

InfiniteWorld, part of the SUKU Ecosystem, an NFT and metaverse infrastructure company that enables brands to create, monetize, and engage customers with digital data, is poised to become a business. public sale through a SPAC company through Aries I Acquisition Corporation (Nasdaq: RAM) (“Aries”), a private equity firm. InfiniteWorld is highly sought after for its ability to create programs related to NFTs and other digital assets that offer increased conversion at a lower cost than its competitors. While putting his technology to speed.

About Aries I Acquisition Corporation

Aries I Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: RAM) was founded by its CEO, Thane Ritchie. A Company is a private entity whose purpose is to carry out a company, exchange of assets, acquire assets, sell, reorganize, or combine business with one or more businesses.

On December 13, 2021, Aries and InfiniteWorld announced they had entered into a corporate partnership agreement. The replacement of the business company is subject to standard replacement conditions with the consent of Aries customers.

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No offers or requests

This advertisement is not an advertisement or solicitation to a solicitor, consent or consent in relation to securities or in connection with the sale and is not an offer to sell or solicit any. an offer to buy Aries shields or. InfiniteWorld will not sell any securities in any state or jurisdiction for which such offer, solicitation or sale is not valid prior to registration or certification under the securities laws of that state or jurisdiction. The issue of the securities shall not be made except on a notice that meets the requirements of the Securities Act.

More information about the transaction will be submitted to the SEC

With respect to the proposed company, Aries intends to file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) a deed of registration on Form S-4 containing a preliminary election statement and a prospectus. before Aries, and after the signature. It has been announced that Aries will send a proxy / prospectus message about the proposed business company to its shareholders and InfiniteWorld shareholders. This publication does not contain all of the information required to be considered about the corporate entity that is intended and not intended to form the basis of any financial or other decision regarding the business. business association. Aries shareholders and other interested parties are expected to read, if available, the initial proposal / prospectus and any changes thereto as well as the proposal / prospectus and other documents submitted. It is important to know about the intended business group, as these will provide important information. about InfiniteWorld, Aries and the proposed business group. Upon receipt, the detailed petition/prospectus and other relevant material for the proposed business company will be sent to Aries shareholders on the date set for the election of the proposed business company. . Such shareholders may obtain copies of the preamble/prospectus, detailed affidavit/prospectus and other documents filed with the SEC, free of charge, if available, on the SEC website. at, or referring an application to Aries I Acquisition Corporation, 23 Lime Tree Bay, PO Box 1569 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Those who participated in the application

Aries and InfiniteWorld and their leaders, executives, other members of the board, and employees, under SEC rules, may be considered participants in the solicitation of materials. sale of Aries shareholders in relation to the intended trade. Information about who can, under SEC rules, be deemed to be a participant in an Aries shareholders ’claim about the business company that is intended to be disclosed in the Aries signature on Paper S-4, with a proxy/prospectus word. when filed with the SEC. Investors and hedge funds can gain detailed information about the names and preferences of the intended trade of Aries leaders and officials when Aries is left with. the SEC and it shall also be informed in the Memorandum of Understanding to be filed with the SEC by Aries, including Aries ’proxy/prospectus statement for the intended transaction.

Terms of Reference regarding forward -looking statements

This publication contains “words to look ahead” in the sense of the “safe harbor” terms of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The actual results of Aries and InfiniteWorld may differ from each other. their thoughts, feelings, and so on, you should not trust these future words as predictions of future events. Words like “idea,” “idea,” “project,” “system,” “idea,” “idea,” “design,” “possible,” “possible,” “possible,” “necessary,” “believe,” “think,” “can,” “continue,” and similar words (or any negative connotations of such words or phrases) are intended to refer to those words. straight ahead. These terms include, without limitation, the satisfaction of the replacement conditions for the proposed company, and the timing of the termination of the proposed company. These statements present serious and ambiguous problems that could separate the real results from those discussed in the preceding statements. Most of this is beyond the control of Aries and InfiniteWorld and difficult to predict. The reasons for the difference are, but are not limited to: (1) the occurrence of an event, change, or other circumstances which may result in permanent business integration agreement (the “Agreement”); (2) the effect of legal proceedings instituted against Aries and InfiniteWorld following the publication of the agreement and the actions contemplated therein; (3) the inability to terminate the proposed business entity, without the prior written consent of the owners of Aries and InfiniteWorld, certain legal permits, or to fulfill other conditions to substitute to enter into an agreement; (4) the occurrence of any event, change, or other circumstances which could terminate the agreement or cause the transaction not to terminate; (5) the effect of COVID-19 on the InfiniteWorld business and/or the ability of the parties to terminate the intended business association; (6) the difficulty of the intended business organization to terminate existing plans and activities as a result of the dissolution and termination of the intended business organization; (7) the costs associated with the proposed business organization; (8) amend any applicable laws or regulations; (9) InfiniteWorld or Aries may be disturbed by other resources, occupations, and/or competition; and (10) any risks and uncertainties identified from time to time in Aries ’last notice of its first issue to the public, including those under“ Risk Factors ”in, and in Aries ’documents with the SEC. Aries understands that it is not just a list of teachers. Aries reminds readers not to trust the words ahead, they just speak as they did the day before. Aries does not accept any right or disclaimer to the public any updates or revisions to the pre -existing terms to indicate any change in its views or any change in the comments. events, conditions, or circumstances upon which that language is based.

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