Independent financial institutions are streamlining online accounting processes

Shopoff Realty Investments has previously done a major job in the digital space. The investment firm has formed a new partnership with Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), which allows Shopoff investors to sign up over the phone through a registered investment broker (RIA), a real estate brokerage firm. independence and economic channels. The AIX platform can connect with Shopoff Realty’s transfer agent to provide the latest information.

Shopoff Realty is the latest example of how independent real estate investors and fund managers use technology to increase digital signage to make it easier for investors and their clients. financial advice to buy, sell and sell investments online.

Philadelphia -based AIX develops standard systems to connect investors with sponsors of other institutions. These systems create a process for the trust offices to work with the sponsors and trustees used by many trustees. The system guides users through the streamlined processes of signatures, documentation and execution necessary for investment.

“With the move to work from home and hybrid office platforms in recent years, the use of digital signage is a natural success for the business,” said Jo Merriman, vice president. of real estate and real estate services at Shopoff Realty Investments. “It’s not that important, but it needs to give customers the ability to provide digital styles, and I know this has become the norm,” he said.

Shopoff Realty hopes the new platform will reduce the time spent on paper, increase the availability and speed of making money and increase overall financial awareness for consultants and their clients. “These benefits combined to help improve our lives in the business, with the goal of making us a business where mentors want to continue to communicate,” Merriman said. .

Over the past five years, the investor market has made great strides in adopting technology to transform investment from traditional. In particular, there is a lot of time involved in automation and direct data transfer with a lot of work and effort involved in the initial process or the sales process knowledge.

Fintech companies such as AIX, CAIS, Altigo, iCapital and RealBlock are some of those companies that are helping to ease the initial interaction with publishers by providing results such as subscriptions. digital signage and then move those documents through the pipeline to storage and cleaning services. , said Anthony Chereso, president and CEO of the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives. “Part of what we do is on the last mile – keeping the account and the final outcome,” Chereso said.

Digital platforms continue to grow

Various fixed income investors continue to gain access to the open investment market where investors can easily buy and sell public stock, various currencies and ETFs from their investors. smartphones. The private banking industry has faced different speed bumps when it comes to developing those final digital records, with regulatory and legal issues that need to be addressed, and the availability of equal stakeholders. Not to include systems that can work the same, Chereso said.

All the various parts of the filing process related to issuing documents and collecting the necessary signatures move through the pipeline to go to a trustee. “There are a variety of steps along the way that are very paper -based in form and manual,” said Phil Graham, executive vice president of relations for Inland Securities Corp. Better customer awareness and reduce errors, he said.

Inland has a diverse product portfolio that includes unsold NAV REITs, guaranteed DSTs, Qualified Opportunity Zone funds and Reg D personal loans. Typically, the investment is one. such products are heavy paper. Inland is integrated with a variety of technologies to provide solutions in a simple, digital way. In the past, there may have been some investors who stopped using other tools because they didn’t have digital signatures, Graham said. “On behalf of the entire industry, we continue to look to improve the overall knowledge and process itself,” he said.

Some investors lend to crowdfunding to help facilitate technology-centric marketing channels across the corporate finance industry. “We really saw a bit of detail in the summer of 2019 where we started to see a lot of big sponsors realize that digital syndication hasn’t really changed what they’re doing, it’s an increase of their previous work, ”said Tore Steen, CEO of CrowdStreet Inc. CrowdStreet launched its public store in 2014 and was followed by the introduction of a “white label” software product that allowed supporters to move fundraising and economics online.

The digital move was further accelerated in the summer of 2020 and 2021 during the COVID era when everything on the internet moved out of necessity. “It opened the eyes of a lot of developers and developers in the country. They quickly saw that everything was moving online as they were able to raise money for businesses. “planning and managing publishers also needs to be on the network. They need to be accountable for the network paradigm,” Steen said.

Improve “last mile” processes.

The technology streamlines the process and reduces the time it takes to earn money from when it is decided to invest when the money is put into a bank account. It greatly reduces errors. “We’ve seen significant benefits from the advances we’ve seen in the field so far, and the flow of investment in technology continues to flow,” Chereso said.

Where the company is constantly working to improve its digital process is the “last mile” – financial accounting and the financial sector, Chereso said. For example, if the investor wants to change the distribution from a refund to the fund or to start an exchange, this is a manual process. Those liquidity -related transactions are manual and need to be accounted for, he said. “Advanced technology solutions that streamline the flow and sales process have significantly improved cash flow to other investments,” Chereso said. “We’re starting to see thresholds in terms of water options for other economic projects later, which I think will lead to a level of growth and cash flows to other investments.”

The first financial check can be done online and very quickly. The part that hasn’t changed is the water on the sales side even though the private sector is a non -profit, Steen said. “That was part of what we knew when we started CrowdStreet, and we wanted to be part of doing that, but you have to get everything online before you can. it’s up to you to do that, “he said. As a result, more and more developers are starting to use the web model, and more and more resources will be added to create in the future for bringing the technology to the forefront. Sales side, he added.

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