How to integrate with the Metaverse

The metaverse is growing rapidly now, led by companies like Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. The idea is fun, but not entirely sure how to get into the metaverse!

The problem is, these metaverse conversations seem like a single place you enter or register, but the fact is that there are a bunch of metaverses out there, and there are many more that can be. from.

The Metaverse in a word

This article assumes you know what the metaverse means. If you do not have time on your hands, come to us What is Metaverse explanation for in -depth discussion. If you’re in a hurry, here’s why.

The “metaverse” gets its name from Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash. It’s an ongoing virtual world where people can move around in 3D, view what they want like digital avatars, buy property, and live in space. The Ready Player One movie is probably the best display on the page of a metaverse, and if you want to watch that movie, it should click all over.

Now that real -life headsets are better, companies like Facebook and Microsoft are lighting a fire under the impression that an upcoming website is a collection of metaverses.

Metaverse Hardware Costs

While the concept of the metaverse is common in relation to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), it is not the only way to get involved. metaverse by wearing a headset in front of you. . Many metaverse devices are not VR based and give users the option to use VR or other devices such as smartphones, consoles, and computers with screens. flat.

It’s hard to give all the advice on what kind of technology you need to incorporate when entering the metaverse. More importantly, list the metaverses you most want to visit, and then make your game choices based on their specific requirements.

That being said, at the time of writing Oculus Quest 2 was the best choice around for those looking to join the metaverse. Although it is a standard VR headset, it serves as a platform for Facebook’s metaverse designs. If you go and buy a Quest 2, you get the key to most of the big name metaverse information to come. a the best VR experiences available today.

Paying for (and receiving) items on the Metaverse

One of the great features of a metaverse is that you can buy and find content. That’s with virtual property, objects, and other things that have a purpose in the metaverse. You may have access to real world products as well. Don’t be surprised if online stores like Amazon set up a store in a metaverse as well!

In general, there are two ways you can pay for something in a metaverse. The first is to only use real world currencies with a credit card, PayPal, or one of the standard digital payment platforms we use. The second is to use cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are very interesting when it comes to the metaverse. That is because the blockchain does not have a fixed level that cannot be compared to data purchased from a central server. If it is in the blockchain, then the evidence that you have a digital asset is lost when the last copy of the blockchain is destroyed.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are more important in a metaverse way than they do in the real world because they can act as a domain name for your virtual property. Of course, if the host power and the numerical power are not separated for a given metaverse, then NFTs do not matter much.

There are some video games that use cryptocurrencies and NFTs, such as Cryptokitties and Axie Infinity (AXS). AXS is a trading and fighting game that allows the sale of virtual property, and users can issue their cryptocurrency every 14 days for real -world use. That’s kind of the metaverse itself.

Going forward, that might change. While companies like Nike are ready to sell you virtual products! So maybe it’s time to open a crypto wallet on the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain and install it with a little bit of digital money.

The best Metaverse Projects you can find today

The metaverse is not a single place, although in one day all metaverses can be combined using the same rules and routines. Now, you need to choose one or two metaverse platforms that provide the kind of information you want. Each of the digital worlds featured here has its own features, and most are built to allow all three developers (including users) to combine their own knowledge.

Worlds of Horizon (Rift S & Quest 2)

Horizon Worlds is the biggest name in metaverse information right now. That’s the result of Meta’s experiments with low -cost VR headsets like the Oculus Go and precursor applications like Facebook Spaces, Oculus Rooms, and Oculus Venues.

Horizon Worlds can be downloaded using Quest 2 or Rift S (available on a PC). It supports viewing the entire movement in a 3D space and has an integrated gameplay system. From a central plaza, users can enter the gates to visit user -created worlds. The sky is the limit with Horizon Worlds, and since it was only released to the public in early December of 2021, you can choose from a lot of new features to come.

Decentraland (By browser)

On the technical level, Decentraland has had a significant role to play in the past. It’s a little bit true, but it’s also an interesting collection of ideas. More than half a million people have signed up to be a part of this world.

Decentraland is a gaming console, which means you don’t need a VR headset to be a piece. Decentraland, as the name suggests, is based on cryptocurrency. In this case, the fund in question is MANA, using the Ethereum blockchain. Users can purchase plots of land and then develop the ones they want using the built -in editing system. They can import 3D models from other locations, so there’s a lot of room for work.

Having a crypto wallet is an option, but of course, if you want to be professional and have a place to store your NFT, you need one. At a time of high demand for NFT, plots of land were sold for $ 100,000!

Roblox (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox One)

Roblox started out as a new game that ran under the radar for a while. After the explosion in popularity, it was much like Minecraft today and was a metaverse.

Roblox is a free game, so it is always ready to host an economic crisis. What elevates the metaverse status of Roblox Studio. Users can use Studio to create entire games, which Roblox players can play.

Each digital item is purchased and sold on the platform, and each time Roblox hosts virtual events. Currently, Roblox does not have any cryptocurrency, token, or blockchain technology, associated with its non -traditional “Robux” currency.

The Metaverse Sandbox (iOS, Android, Windows and macOS)

Sandbox is a blockchain game with its own logo called SAND. Users can buy land, create their own profile, create entire games, buy, sell, and search everything in the Metaverse Sandbox.

At the time of writing Sandbox Metaverse is in the Alpha phase, but there is a lot of hype around it with companies like Square Enix and Softbank investing millions in the company. Even though everything is in a precarious state at the technical level, the intentions are fixed, and getting in the morning is probably a good idea!

VR Chat (Oculus VR, Oculus Quest, SteamVR, Windows Desktop Mode)

VRChat is a VR-centric virtual world that has a desktop format for use with flat screens but really requires VR equipment to get the most out of it.

With VRChat, users can create their own worlds. That is, it is not a virtual world forever, but there is one for the player and their friends.

VRChat has been popular for most of its existence, but turbo disease has plagued the number of users looking for a way to spend time with people, without the body in front of them. . As a new user, you will not score high on the trusted system to start creating your own knowledge, but only for a short period of time. Stick to the rules, and you’ll soon get the keys of your own kingdom.

Second Life (Windows and macOS)

Before the word “metaverse” became an important word, Second Life had already done everything the metaverse needed, except to give VR a choice. In recent years, developers have considered adding VR support to Second Life, but in the end the idea was abandoned by the low price of VR headsets.

As the name suggests, Second Life is a place where people can live, hang out, see things, buy property, manage their places, and more. There is an official store in Second Life that you can visit for customer service or to purchase products.

Like some of the oldest metaverses around, Second Life is for some merit, and people are working after it to create an evolution of this virtual world, although at the moment it doesn’t get into the VR.

Fortnite (Windows, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

Fortnite started out as a video game and became one of the most popular free titles in history. Since then it has grown into something more than a game, with people hanging out with each other rather than just shooting each other 24/7.

Fortnite has been successful in hosting non -sporting events as well as concerts, becoming more like a community venue in the past. Now, Fortnite has created Party Worlds, an extension of the game that first gives people a place to hang out, create their own party world, and customize the game as a complete metaverse.

Fortnite is available on almost every site, but for the foreseeable future, iOS and macOS users will not benefit from a major legal battle with Apple.

Is this real life?

Our digital screens are a way to escape the fatigue or stress of real life for years to come. People have spent thousands of hours in the sports world and on social media. They make friends there, have fun there, and sometimes have bad experiences.

The rise of metaverses is like a natural progression of the advancement of our technology and society. As with social media, you are not required to enter a metaverse, but we get the idea that life outside of the metaverse is comfortable and lonely in comparison.

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