High -end NFT 5 systems and Metaverse

Metaverse: A new age of technology

MFacebook’s ark Zuckerberg has redefined itself meta, but the Facebook networking app will have a different name.

Many people are confused with the name and the meaning behind it. Simply put, Metaverse is the world where people interact in 3D and can do all things. Basically, Meta helps build a metaverse.

Metaverse is a place where people can interact, create and work, and expects to reach a billion people in the coming years, says Mark Zuckerberg.

Now we believe the metaverse has become legit – I think it’s the right time to jump on metaverse projects built on blockchain technology. Before it’s too late, you need to know the layers of metaverses used in the top-notch blockchain.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 NFT and metaverse systems.

Metacity It is the world’s first free NFT free retail platform.

Currently, Metacity only has 70 NFT units available where people can develop various types of businesses. This project is inspired by the game Minecraft.

Photo by the author: Source: My Metaverse
Photo by the author: Source: My Metaverse

People love Metacity because its free NFT drop is that you can get NFT and buy more whenever you want.

It has a cross-play mode, where players can switch objects between two games. For example Minecraft and Metacity

In Metacity, users can use their cryptocurrencies, and fortunately, one can create any format or images such as NFT.

You can earn money by starting to play the games for free and buying NFT pieces on the Minecraft server. Currently, NFT components are not available for purchase but this feature will be expanded soon.

The Sand Box a global platform where players can create, own, build and monetize their gaming experience on their blockchain.

Photo by the author: Source: The Sandbox

The goal is to blend in with current game franchises such as Roblox and Minecraft.

How do they do it?

Yes! By giving players an NFT -like feel, and also giving them bonuses for their participation in game modes.

According to CoinGecko,

Sandbox is among the Top 5 Metaverse projects accounting for 7% of the share.

It provides the best insights for users to create their experience through smart contracts or blockchain such as Sandbox GAME Maker.

Sandbox has a smart editing tool called VoxEdit, which allows developers to create 3D assets, upload, publish and sell their NFTs images on the NFT marketplace, which can be purchased. value in the making of the first gifts.

Ultra it was like a new era for players. It is one of the low-cost blockchain systems that supports a fun platform that brings a variety of blockchain-enabled gaming and services into one room. The Ultra system is increased to 12000 actions per second.

Ultra Network
Photo by the author: Source: Ultra

Ultra offers centralized and decentralized services such as buying, playing or selling your games, streaming tracking, winning prizes by entering tournaments, socializing with your favorite players, and more.

Ultra has its own ERC-20 Token called $ UOS. You can find $ UOSin Uniswap, Bitfinex etc.

Work on Ultra is free and fast and people can subscribe to $ UOS and receive gifts with NFTs.

Chiliz provides sports and entertainment organizations with blockchain tools to help them access and spend money on their users.

Photo by the author: Source: Chiliz

Today, Chiliz has purchased 576 e-lands at The SandBox. Chiliz creates a sporting and fun environment in The Sandbox metaverse for fans of various clubs such as FC Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain. It allows sports businesses to connect and convert their favorite archives through Fan tokens.

Photo by the author: Source: Sorare

Sorare an NFT player built on Ethereum Blockchain. People love So they can use the cards they buy to make their company good or bad. Each card represents a real player.

When a player plays well on real pitches, the cardholder gets points. The team that earns the most will create a new card as a payout bonus each week.

Yes! The viral is going viral!

More than 170 football teams are licensed on the Sorare board and many teams fly each week.

In addition, Sorare raised about $ 689 million Serie B, and Lionel Messi’s NFT was sold for 7.9 Ethereum. Which is what Sorare is most interested in.

Source: Twitter/Sorare

Hopeful Hope

There are many projects out there that are struggling and being seen on a daily basis. It’s the life of the most successful position in the financial world. The good have the lucky chance to turn wealth into billions and the weak have to go down with history.

~ Rabinder Kumar

November 2021

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