High -end crypto systems are trying to work well for the world

The cryptocurrency space is home to a wide variety of platforms, with programs trying to work well around the world. Unfortunately, there are many flaws on that front, but the bad ones don’t have to cover the potential. In fact, some programs are trying to work well and create real -world implementation.

The Evolution of Crypto for good

One needs to be aware of the potential to arise from the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It allows developers and enthusiasts to achieve many goals, while creating a better quality of life and empowering millions of users. Many programs have tried to find the right opportunities, even though they didn’t have the right ideas.

The cryptocurrency industry has seen its share of scams and fraudulent schemes. Unfortunately, this applies to businesses that claim to “do well” and pull a scam out with money. While cryptocurrencies are very obvious, they offer pseudonymity, enticing criminals to hide behind false information and try to take people’s money for their personal gain.

Thankfully, things have improved a lot over the years. It’s nothing new for not relying on “socially good” crypto programs. The number of scams has dropped dramatically, and long -term deals are coming. Projects like this need real use cases and benefits to ensure that change can be achieved. Other projects can be an incentive to do something good for the world and those who love it most.

EarthFund DAO

The goal of the EarthFund DAO is to connect people to solve major human problems in a decentralized manner. Under the Decentralized Autonomous Organization banner, EarthFun will create a database for global change. People can provide resources – rather than projects – that are run by people who want to make the world a better place. As a result, a crypto crowdfunding platform is built on independent communities and founders with real estate resources and missionaries to create in the future.

All donations paid from the EarthFund DAO are subject to a fee. However, this fee means that programs will raise a little more money than their goal to ensure they get the amount they need. A business claiming $ 250,000 would need to raise $ 262,500 to cover costs and secure $ 250,000 in cash. Projects need to have 100% of the funding they need to implement the change.

In addition, DAOs with respect to the teacher may add a percentage of the added fee on top of the fees paid. These gifts are given to community members who vote and participate in the program. EarthFund DAO provides an exciting path for long -term crypto investors and developers looking to adapt.

Great time

The integration of Web3 and real -world conversion can lead to some interesting developments. One such business is Grand Time, an ecosystem of integrated blockchain solutions that aims to bring millions of people to the crypto world. In addition, the program aims to create opportunities for the underprivileged, the poor, and the unemployed, giving them a chance to live in our financial community. .

The decentralized platform allows the people of the world to achieve financial independence. Al funds are returned to the community. Grand Time has a payment column – called the Grand Exchange Program – where funds through the GIG labor market are put into the water. Members of the community can enter the pool at any time.

Grand Time has seen strong growth with over 8 million jobs created each month on the market. It creates a stable economic base between underdeveloped and developing countries. With 26,000 active users across 90 countries, the program is working to improve living conditions for many people living below or below the poverty line.


The idea of ​​a fixed income is very exciting and can change the lives of many people for good. Gluwa wants to give customers and investors another option in keeping money in their savings account by offering attractive rates. More importantly, the blockchain-based fintech company offers revenue of up to 15% on its fixed-term storage portfolio.

Gluwa accounts after one year allow users to keep their money in that account until then. When the money is deposited, the money will be used to provide real credit to those who are not secured under the treasury in future markets.

Fixed yields are an interesting option for crypto users and enthusiasts alike. In addition, the funds invested in Gluwa to help the needy through money, will do two things in creating a sustainable ecosystem.

A Time East

With the advent of these “social good” initiatives, it has become clear how blockchain and cryptocurrency can change the world for the better. True organizations strive to strengthen global communities, by accessing or accessing financial services and products that are inaccessible.

More importantly, these programs have proven that there are many different ways for builders to explore. The above projects are just an example of what the future holds and what crypto will accomplish in achieving global connectivity in the years to come.


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