Here are the top 10 NFTs sold to date, from Beeple’s Record-Setter to Court writer Edward Snowden.

Cryptocurrency may have a tail that is leaving some NFT collectors afraid of long -term expectations for their new portfolio. We may have the information at the NFT.NYC conference, which is being held in New York this week (June 20–23).

To consider the market, we compared the top 10 NFTs sold today with our analysis of the market for the months of December, June, and March.

It’s no wonder the Beeple’s Daily – The first 5000 days This is the tree on which the other NFTs are set. The artwork, a compendium of the artist’s daily art project over the past 13 years, opened for sale for just $ 100 before going up to $ 69 million, becoming the third -most -selling painting by a living artist sold at auction.

The sale at Christie’s New York opened the doors to the NFT market and all that followed, including our two largest NFT sales, Pak’s. Uaki.

The piece, which shows the number of days Julian Assange has been in prison, is part of the “Censored” NFT collection that was purchased to pay the legal fees of the Wikileaks founder. While he is fighting extradition to the US from London (the UK, however, is allowed. Extradition). The winning voter, a 10,000-person group called AssangeDAO, contributed $ 52 million.

“Censored,” is an NFT collection by Pak and Julian Assange. And sir.

By counting, Pak can take the lead directly. The unnamed painter sold one work, The Meeting, and Nifty Gateway with 266,445 shares. The nearly 30,000 combined customers are worth $ 91.8 million — but a single owner may not be able to reunite parts of the business as a whole.

In addition to Pak’s top entry on the roster, the rest of the top 10 still stands in the first half of the year, with only one new entry. (Compare that with looking between our March and June roster in 2021, when eight of the top 10 lost their slots.)

Mad Dog Jones, REPLICATOR (2021).  And Phillips.

Mad Dog Jones, Article view HOOLAHA (2021). And Phillips.

The drop in the list so far is a first XCOPY work by Mad Dog Jones, Another Assholeheard about rapper Snoop Dawg, and his Disruptivespent $ 4.1 million in April 2021 at Phillips, making him the largest filmmaker in Canada.

Our top 10 only offers single performances, with no NFTs from popular stories like the 10,000-piece CryptoPunks collection. Number 10 on our list is no less than eight than $ 5.4 million, led by Cryptopunk #5822sold for a record $ 23.7 million in February.

Two other collections available for sale on par with our top 10: Instruments #109 from Dmitri Cherniak’s 1,000-piece Ringers collection at Art Blocks, which sold for $ 7.1 million in October, and Punk #3443, which was bought by renowned NFT collector and Tron founder Justin Sun for $ 10.5 million from the 10,000-piece Tpunks collection in August. (That will probably come with an asterisk, since the project is the first NFT project on the Tron blockchain.)

Here is our latest list, based on Ether’s conversion value at the time of purchase.

10. Edward Snowden, Stay Free (Edward Snowden)
$ 5.4 million, April 2021, Foundation

Edward Snowden, Independent (Edward Snowden).  By the painter.

Edward Snowden, Stay Free (Edward Snowden). By the painter.

9. freeross, Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection
$ 5.9 million, SuperRare, December 2021

Ross Ulbricht, Ideas from Freeross’s Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection.

Ross Ulbricht, Status from freeross Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection.

8. XCOPY, Money for the Ferryman
$ 6 million, SuperRare, November 2021

XCOPY, A fee for the Ferryman.

XCOPY, Money for the Ferryman.

7. Beeple, Kai Moana
$ 6 million, Nifty Gateway, March 2021

Beeple, The Sea.  By the painter.

Beeple, Kai Moana. By the painter.

6. XCOPY, High time in town
$ 6.14 million, January 2022, SuperRare

XCOPY, <em>Always in the city</em>. “width =” 800 “height =” 501 “/></p>
<p id=XCOPY, High time in town.

5. Beeple, Street
$ 6.6 million, February 2021, Nifty Gateway

Beeple, Crossroads (2020).  By the painter.

Beeple, Street (2020). By the painter.

4. XCOPY, Right click Save As guy
$ 7 million, December 2021, SuperRare

XCOPY, right click and save the person.

XCOPY, Right click Save As guy.

3. Beeple, CANADA
$ 29.8 million, November 2021, Christie’s

Beeple, HUMAN ONE (2021), sold for $ 29 million (estimated at $ 15 million) at Christie’s November 2021

Beeple, CANADA (2021). At Christie’s.

2. Pak told me, Uaki,
$ 52 million, Manifold

Pak, <em>Uaki</em>.  “width =” 943 “height =” 943 “srcset =” 943w, /app/news-upload/2022/06/pak-clock-300×300.png 300w,×150.png 150w, https : //×50.png 50w, clock-256×256.png 256w,×434.png 434w, upload/2022/06/pak-clock-96×96.png 96w “sizes =” (max-width: 943px) 100vw, 943px “/></p>
<p id=Sir, Uaki.

1. Beeple, Every day — The first 5000 days
$ 69 million, March 2021, Christie’s

Beeple, every day - the first 5000 days.  By the painter and Christie's.

Beeple, Daily – The first 5000 days. By the painter and Christie’s.

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