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THOMASVILLE, GA, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – and o NewMediaWire – GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS: GTOR) (“GGTOOR, Inc.”, “GTOR”, or the “Company”), a leading provider of eSports markets, announces that the GGToor company has visited Metaverse Expo 2022 this past week. Las Vegas. The expo was sponsored by TCG World, and they did an amazing job of attracting a team of professionals who came along with the approved exams and they were committed to making quick and timely donations. coming to the Metaverse.

This GGGoor show was the culmination of the party and the Hui was very excited. First of all, the Company is very grateful to have the largest hostel at the expo without TCG World, the expo sponsors. The GGToor booth is 30 ’x 30’ and appreciates the people who came up with good photos and craft supplies that made customers want to go learn more about GGToor and GGTOORCITY. Surprisingly, a number of professionals and stakeholders have now come to the expo to join the tour and first hear about GGToor’s long -term missionary nature.

John V Whitman Jr., GGToor Founder said of the event: “I’ve been to and shown a lot of events but this one was the most exciting and good. The staff met with hundreds of customers. in the commercial areas at GGTOORCITY.I met personally with those people and organizations that the staff considered to be the most important.I was happy to share the results of those meetings which yielded eight valuable ideas These eight are considering areas in GGTOORCITY and most of them will need large areas. their first choice.Let me get into the headline of the weekend! GGTOOR got its first promise to buy a 256m x 256m plot at GGTOORCITY.I shook hands with the seller and took the photos Owners should consider closing on or before July 22, 2022. When the public is educated about the buy, they will join me and experience a level of happiness that cannot be measured. This first purchase will provide confirmation of the idea because the piece will be replaced at the asking price. This is just the beginning for GGToor and GGTOORCITY. In the coming weeks, shareholders can expect more replacements and I am confident that the industry will see explosive growth not only in terms of revenue but also assets, resources. recorded games, as well as professional supports. GGToor’s party is a big event.

This week’s Call of Duty Vanguard competition, sponsored by TCG World, featured an amazing prize pool of THIRTY THOUSAND ($ 30,000) at TCG Coin! The competition was held as part of the Metaverse Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center – and with an event offering this kind of prize, it’s no surprise to see popular players like Overtflow, FaZe Dirty, Clipz and others come to war. for shooting presents! Competitive competition featured 1v1 Search and Destroy games (sniper-only, front and 7,) with each game stored on a separate screen to test skill, knowledge, and ability. changes during the event; as a single elimination bracket, the button is immediately pressed – ‘Win or Go Home!’ right from the door!

One of the most famous games in the first round saw Ouimimi over Themanajah in a 7-6 win on the Berlin map, while Schreck beat Clipz 7-0, teaming up with x2Pac_ThuGLorD, Austin_deFI, and Brasskneecap are the only players. took a 7-0 lead in round 1. After the first round, the competition was so intense that no player was able to take another 7-0 lead, even though Shifty was close with a 7-1 game at Castle. followed by Caliper who put up a 7-1 lead at Demyansk. These 7-1 matches helped pave the way for these players on their journey to meet each other in the Grand Finals, where Shifty was able to best beat Caliper in Tuscan to claim the prize. up to $ 10,000 in TCG Coin!

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GGTOOR, Inc., is involved in the eSports business. The Company is actively participating in the Metaverse by purchasing 2,144 virtual land, creating its own city called GGTOORCITY. The Company has owned over two hundred and twenty video game tournaments and has donated more than $ 100,000 in cash and prizes. is constantly evolving and expanding, with the goal of becoming one of the world’s most complete gaming portals. The Company accepts nominations from players, coaches, and competitive athletes. To subscribe to .

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