Get rich in 2023! This Shiba Inu rival is poised to outperform SHIB in a 100x rally

The crypto whales are at it again, and they are stacking this hybrid meme coin that is considered the ultimate rival to Shiba Inu. Investors are set to make 100x ROI with this new hybrid meme coin in 2023.

In this article, we will discuss the Shiba Inu’s future price projections, important features of this new hybrid meme currencyAnd why experts believe it has the potential to achieve 100x ROI for early investors by 2023.

Shiba Inu Price Forecast for 2023

While many investors were confused by Shiba Inu’s recent price pump, expert investors were able to quickly take profits and exit their long positions. This is because they knew for sure that the overall mid-term market outlook for Shiba Inu Tokens was in a downward trend and it was only a matter of time before it dropped again.

It is noteworthy that the Shiba Inu token price has dropped 90% from its all-time high. SHIB price Down 21% in last 14 days. This sharp drop in price right after a short-lived pump left many late entrants locked in losses and many early investors lost their profits.

Expert analysis of the Shiba Inu chart shows that SHIB Token price may fall to $0.0000045 or more if the support level at $0.0000066 fails to reverse and rally the price. Many SHIB investors who have been stuck in losses or lost their profits due to sharp price declines are taking this as a signal and quickly switching to Pikamoon.

Experts believe that it is the best option for them Pikamoon 100x ready to assemble After it launches on major exchanges and more. Now most of the Shiba Inu investors are now banking only on Pikamoon for quick portfolio recovery and massive gains in 2023.

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What is Pikamun?

Pikamoon is a leading P2E that is set to revolutionize the gamify industry with its unique technology and native token $PIKA. The Pikamoon platform is built on two of the best blockchain networks in the industry: Ethereum and MultiversX. This special feature makes Pikamoon a multi-blockchain crypto.

Pikamoon’s The multi-blockchain feature provides unique features to the platform that set it apart from its peers. From Pikamoon’s lightning-fast transaction speeds to its unmatched high-end security protocols and Ethereum A layer-2 scaling solution that makes streaming on Pikaverse as seamless as possible, Pikamun is undoubtedly at the top of the crypto industry.

These multiple benefits and features are sending shockwaves of excitement and anticipation across the industry, and big brands around the world are taking a cue from what Pikamoon is up to. This is why industry leaders such as Kevuru Games, Transac, MultiverseXAnd many more are signing long-term partnership deals with Pikamoon for what many will call the best P2E game of all time.

No wonder smart investors are already going to secure as many of their $PIKA tokens as possible in the last round of the Pikamoon presale because they know for sure that the price will skyrocket when the coin launches.

Pikamoon Pressal

Pikamoon presale This is the new playground for all the big investors and crypto whales in the industry. $PIKA tokens are selling fast as experts predict huge price movements for the coin once it launches on major exchanges.

Pikamoon is in its third and final round of presale, and $PIKA tokens are selling for as low as $0.0006. Smart investors know this price is a steal for a high-utility token like $PIKA. That’s why they’re not wasting time with as many bags as possible, and so should you.

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