From storytelling to storytelling: How Samsung builds its metaverse for tomorrow


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“Who owns more than three Samsung products?” Michelle Crossan-Matos looked at the crowd. To my surprise, a handful of demonstrations emerged – from fans, journalists, executives, and those who attended Samsung’s NFT.NYC event.

Since its inception, the Korean electronics industry has thrived in both markets and businesses, with 72% of U.S. households having one or more products. Interbrand is now in Samsung’s hands in terms of brand value, right behind Google. It is not very difficult for a business to be established as a store.

In its quest for more information, Samsung has spent the past six months testing the digital waters of the metaverse, virtual platforms that allow businesses to see the most in growth times. Crossan-Matos, CEO at Samsung Electronics America.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

It’s a pleasure to have you, Michelle. I want to start with the start of this Samsung metaverse journey. What was the what-time it took to join Web 3?

It is very moving for me when I think about how these things started. I was raised in a poor community in Scotland with no education. Even though it took a combination of hard work and luck for me to get out, I always think of the kids I grew up with – the unfortunate ones.

Our first experience in the metaverse was the Samsung 837X, a virtual reality model that modeled Samsung’s flagship headquarters in New York City. In addition to giving young people the motivation of living on the streets of NYC, I want to create a place where they can learn about new and exciting things to do. Technology. That’s why we followed the metaverse, of course. It gives this home (Samsung 837) a place to stay in each child’s bedroom.


By clicking on Decentraland, users can search near Samsung’s New York City HQ.

Photo: Samsung

It’s true that there have been a lot of technology innovations in the past year, large and small, including decentralized platforms. What makes Samsung’s design different?

There is one important thing that we do differently: we are on different platforms. This is the multiverse of metaverses design; Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland (837X), and now Discord. I remember hearing about this multiverse concept in the first place and wondering what it was like to twist the tongue but the big impact and the impact we had to achieve.

Our discussions of the metaverse do not apply to individual product features. It’s about their ascent to our larger and larger values. How many persistent ads are seen in the metaverse? Visitors can come to the Samsung 837X to learn about how we are reusing technology, improving, and making things better in the world. We’re learning the metaverse and, hopefully, empowering our users as well.

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Talk more about this multiverse of metaverses. Last year, you hosted a viewing party for the release of the Galaxy S22 on the Samsung 837X and, now, a concert at Roblox. What do you think about the events?

I would say we have low hopes but hope is high at the same time. Instead of hosting virtual events, we compared activities from other genres – musical performances, gamified visuals, and the like. What’s more is that most of us have a lot of such symptoms. Using our retail space, why can’t we kill a little?

At the weekend of our Galaxy Superstar event at Roblox, there were more than a million users on the platform. Imagine a million people coming to your store? This has been an exciting journey so far, and the hospitality has made us work hard to make it even bigger.


Samsung colleagues discuss what the metaverse offers in a life style.

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What would you say is the biggest challenge with increasing the metaverse?

One of the things that excites me about the metaverse is that it is inexplicable and unusable. We are constantly learning to communicate well with our customers, experimenting with different platforms and vehicles, and after learning and growing as a team. So while we have months to prepare for our first launch during CES this year, it’s always a learning experience for everyone.

Are real -world marketing campaigns related to virtual goods?

On the whole, yes, because the customers we seek are largely based on the information we gather from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). However, I chose to sell organic for a fee because I wanted to see the true potential of the metaverse. Paid ads do the math, so when I see the billions of ideas created by developers alone, I know we’re in for something.

We also found that some methods responded better to the metaverse message. Twitter, everything is better.


Integration through standardization is an important part of Samsung’s metaverse.

Photo: Samsung

Do you have any advice for businesses on the board about metaverse integration?

If you’re planning to start your own metaverse, here’s my advice: be bold, take the time to read, research, and understand the ideas inside, and stay true to your brand. Businesses may be skeptical about the business, but the truth is, if your customer is there, why should you?

Years ago, when I became an assistant brand manager, we always asked, “Does your grandmother understand that?” consultation. In the metaverse, the critical challenge now changes to “Do your kids understand?”.

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Finally, I have to ask, what is the future for Samsung in the metaverse?

We want to do more in the metaverse. it’s true. We know our design, so it’s a good idea to make these invitations more fun and modern and time them with tentpole events like Unpacked. And we’re going up a notch with online and offline search engines, creating a connection between the physical world and the physical world, so you have to be aware of that.

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