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Download the Forex Forecast using basic analyzes, estimates, and technical trends for major companies for the week of July 11, 2022 here.

The difference between success and failure in Forex / CFD trading that relies heavily on the assets you choose to trade each week and in whatever wayNot in the exact paths you use to determine entrances and exits.

So, when starting the week, it’s good to look at the big picture of what’s happening in the entire market, and how those events are and are influenced by macro factors, technology factors, and market sentiment. Read on to get my video presentation below.


Basic Knowledge and Market Opinion

I wrote my piece last week about the best trades of the week:

  • The GBP / USD short after a day (New York) is almost below $ 1.1975. This set Tuesday and produced a losing stock of 0.65%.
  • The BTC / USD shortfall after daily (New York) is nearly below $ 18,500. This is not set.
  • The short of ETH/USD after a day (New York) is almost below $ 993. This is not set.

The news was overshadowed by the delay of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The news of Johnson’s departure slightly boosted the British Pound, which has depreciated sharply in recent days. The impact of Abe’s murder was small on the Yen.

Four months later, the war in Ukraine lost its first place as leading news and saw little impact on markets other than weighing global fears. Although there has been a lot of talk about the rising price of agricultural foods such as Wheat and Corn. The past few weeks have seen a sharp fall in consumer prices.

It’s not clear what the concept is about wanting trouble. The U.S. stock market is in a bear market, but has been up steadily over the past week, as the U.S. economy is turning around, and U.S. stocks have been up for the week. The US Dollar Index rose sharply during the week, closing a new 20-year high.

The entire leadership has seen a move in the past week.

There were some important economic data released last week, which is why market volatility has risen. The results came as follows:

  1. US FOMC Meeting Minutes – The Fed has expressed its determination to continue raising interest rates as it is necessary to lower inflation. The markets were smallThere is nothing strange in the language.

  2. US Non -Farm Payrolls data – this is much higher than expected, with 372k new jobs compared to an expectation of 260k.

  3. Swiss CPI – this came in earlier than expectedwith a month -on -month increase in prices running at 0.5% compared to the 0.3% expected, confirming the SNB’s renewed commitment to raising its interest rates.

  4. Australia Cash Rate & Rate Statement – as expected, the RBA raised interest rates by 0.5% to 1.35%.

  5. US JOLTS Job Openings – this is more intense than expected.

  6. U.S. employment data – the U.S. unemployment rate is lower at 3.6%.

  7. Canadian employment data – Canada saw a loss of jobs, but its unemployment rate fell from 5.1% to 4.9%.

The Forex market has seen a strong gain by the US Dollar in the past week. The Australian Dollar and the Japanese Yen are some strong currencies. The Euro was very weak, a the EUR / USD currency pair has reached a new 19 -year low Not too far from parity.

The number of coronavirus cases around the world has risen again in the past week against the long -term trend, indicating that we are in a new big wave, probably led by the new subvariant omicron BA5. The largest growth of newly recorded coronavirus cases currently occurs in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Montenegro, Pakistan, Switzerland, Albania, Austria, Belarus, Brunei, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Tunisia, and the UAE.

Previous week: 11th July – 15th July 2022

Next week on the markets will be much better than last week, as there are some high data releases scheduled this week, including key US CPI data. They, in general:

  1. US CPI – this has become a major market event, with markets hoping that the US will continue to rise.

  2. China GDP data

  3. U.S. Retail Data

  4. RBNZ Official Cash Rate & Rate Statement

  5. The Bank of England report before the UK parliament

  6. Bank of Canada financial reporting, financial reporting, and monetary policy

  7. US PPI data

  8. Australian Employment Data

  9. Preliminary data on UoM Consumer Sentiment

It is a public holiday in France on the 14th of Fridayth July.

Technology information

US currency statement

The weekly price chart below shows the U.S. Dollar Index hit a major candlestick that closed at a recent 20-year high, according to long term Kind of kindhe bullish. This is important because the breaking of new highs indicates that the price will rise again in the coming days. However, keep in mind that there is a big wick upwards, and the price did not move forward on Friday, so we may have seen a high indicating that the price will not rise anytime soon.

It would be wise to trade the US currency long next week as it starts to recover in the short term, at least until the release of US CPI data on Wednesday. to change money.


U.S. Financial Report Card


The past few weeks and months have seen significant strength in the U.S. currency, however the Euro stands today as a very weak currency due to concerns about the ECB running out of options for regulating inflation. the EUR/USD currency pair it may be interesting to short trade.

The price has fallen sharply in the past week, reaching a level close to parity, and is making its lowest weekly low in 19 years. However, it is important to note that the daily chart will see the end of the week with a strong and bullish trend. pine trees, we probably expect to see the price go up. If this bullish pin is taken by a strong bearish reversal, it is a very bearish signal.

I expect to wait around daily below $ 1.0100 before considering entering a short trade. here.


EUR/USD Daily Index


The past week has seen a strong improvement by the US Dollar, but also a strong Japanese Yen, which means a slight rise in the price of the USD/JPY pair. However, in view of the conversion of the major currency pairs of EUR/USD and GBP/USD, the strength of the currency may be reflected in other currencies such as the Japanese Yen..

Breakouts are more intense after periods of consolidation, and we have seen the stock market below long -term highs.

I’m willing to take a long trade on this currency pair if we get a day (New York) near the top 136.66 (on the ballot at 137.00).


USD/JPY Daily Currency Exchange

Bottom line

I see the best opportunities in the financial markets this week as:

  • The short of EUR / USD after a day (New York) is close to the bottom $1.0100.
  • The USD/JPY exchange rate after the daily (New York) is almost up 136.66 (desired 137.00).

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