Faceboo … I think Meta is having a very serious and very big problem with the public

There is blood in the metaverse water this morning, if the metaverse is real water.

The blood, if Meta Platforms is real blood, is flowing from the hot technology created on Facebook.

The immediate reason was the lowering of value last night in Underperform from Hold by Needham & company MD renowned, Laura Martin. A 5%decrease, Meta did not step on the meta water at US $ 162.88. It started the year at over $ US330.

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But the crash of the database is another sign of a big problem and the size of META…

Face it

Now, I stopped using Facebook years ago. At the same time, young people realize that they do not need to get started.

Facebook knew they didn’t need to. His cause was reduced to laughter, anger and bitterness.

The smartest business model it could collect – it would be home to some 2.91 billion active users each month (as of April) – is just advertising.

It’s not a lack of reasoning.

That’s why he doesn’t want to be again. She likes this job:

And what this industry is really doing is one of the mysteries that is not known today.

This has been a difficult year for Meta.

Philosophically, I am behind the fusion of the virtual with the physical in search of augmented environments. But I think of companies like Althea Group (ASX: AGH) or my local store for that, before I think of Meta.

Now 2022 is a long-standing crisis for a company that remains the third most visited site in the Berners-Leeverse. The porousness of the user base is immediately visible. Both the publisher and the user were hurt.

In February, Meta Platforms recorded its first quarterly drop in the most important FB metric of daily users.

In the fourth quarter of March its users came in each month under review for the first time.

Disease is an engine of industry and industry. An engineer of innovation and innovation.

It’s not just where everyone spends their money because the high cost of sugar has started to cause stress and shortness of breath.

As the Nasdaq began to reverse its cyclical gains, Meta seemed to be getting hit.

Hitting a Zuckerberg

Undoubtedly punished by falling prices, the best idea the rest of the Mark Zuckerbergians have is to stop investing in talent and pull out the unbelievers.

In a new theater ‘table’ with staff, the CEO walked over to the digital stage talking about the reboot. The director has a new idea of ​​a new driver and a new raisaon d’etre.

According to the New York Times last week, Zuckerberg called his team Meta in one of the “worst scandals we’ve seen in recent history.”

Unfortunately for Meta Platform employees in difficult times, many of them are no longer wanted and welcomed and if you choose to stay, it will go well.

The CEO told his employees close to the 78K Meta that they are ready for more work, less resources and a more complex manufacturing process.

“I think some of you may decide that this place isn’t for you, and that choice itself is good for me,” Zuckerberg said. . ”

Punch in the eye

The fact that Zuck’s idea for a Meta Platform escape is unavoidable in the economic world we live in.

Shares of Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) have fallen more than 50% since January until last night when Needham & Co threw the first punch with fury, and perhaps the keys will follow.

“Meta said it will invest in Metaverse at the same time leading to slower revenue growth. We are lowering our expectations because we believe the price will be higher. rather than revenue growth for the next 2 years, “Martin said in a letter to customers.

Then there are the heaps of publishers around Meta who are wondering what customers want from them.

Then the quality and the amount of competition increases.

Needham and Co feel that the moat of the Meta team, as a whole, is declining.

Then there’s the world of innovation and decision -making against reform.

There is a list, and it is going

And Metaverse comes with a whole bunch of investment problems, Martin says before telling shareholders that they can “use Meta as a source of revenue” and investors need to stand – As short -term resources increase and the challenges associated with economic development increase.

“We encourage investors to stay on the sidelines as they evaluate some pricing strategies related to customer change, competition, lower moat, management issues and with Metaverse publishing problems. “

Martin said the uncertain pivot of the industry in the metaverse was not timely and the payoff could be like having a gold bowl at the end of the rainbow.

“In the near term, we are concerned that consensus expectations are high, given that Meta’s promises for high investments in the Metaverse at the same time are slowing its growth to compete well with TikTok,” he said. and Martin.

He thinks the rewards of gambling are too long.

“We are concerned that Meta’s significant investment in creating a new world called Metaverse reflects the fear of problems associated with its historical collection of businesses,” Martin said.

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