Do online communities add value to your investment decisions?

If you want good investment ideas, talk to a financial advisor. This wise advice leaves many questions unanswered. How can you find good advice? Will they have all the answers you need? Can you offer some advice?

Investors often turn to online communities to find answers to these and other questions. In this section, we look at whether any of these established online communities are integral to your investment decisions.

“Dedicated communities are the next level of social media development when it comes to investing. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are common – used to communicate with customers. Kind of universal theme with no streams designed for investment, ”said Mihir Patki, founder of Multipie, one of the new online communities. “The second problem is that. Deceptive images, graphics and gyan (intelligence) have no context. Multipie solves this by maintaining portfolios by merging with financial partners, ”he said. Most importantly, user bonds will be obtained from their brokers with their consent before they advertise themselves.

“The privacy of all users is maintained – we don’t disclose the full numbers, only the asset allocation and top notches will be shown, as you would discuss your portfolio with friends at real life, ”Patki said. The fact that there are more than 100,000 users is very natural. 50 lakh is better than the millions of inorganically available users who can’t afford to give to the community. We’re not looking at user growth for that, ”Patki said.

Then there’s Valuepickr, a price -focused discussion group founded in 2010. The conference has ropes on stocks that have been running backwards for years, allowing readers to See the growth of discourse about a library. Because the platform is free, it avoids the bells and whistles that real estate companies use to keep users entertained. He was concerned with looking at wealth, in the form of small people who are not recognized by large corporations. It has a community that strongly changes perceptions. “Every day -to -day or short -term goal is undermined by the community,” said Donald Francis, founder. Recorded by the founders of the site. Due to the quality and frequency of the posts, we accept 3-4 new partners every year and the same number is opened, ”he said.

The money was controlled by the men, but there were only women in the community. Priti Rathi Gupta founded LXME, a community in 2019 as a Facebook group. “It’s a solid company and we want to build a safe space where women can talk about investments. Women don’t know where to talk about money. Nobody has talked about investments. it was at home or among friends, and the advice was usually men and so it was cut in. The group grew to 30,000 women and 60% of them joined it every day. , “he said.

LXME has a platform with about 40,000 users, according to Rathi Gupta. The platform promotes financial education and then allows women to invest through it (LXME is a fundraiser, a company separate from Anand Rathi which is itself a major fundraiser).

According to Rathi Gupta, society is important, especially for women, especially those who are less wealthy. For such women, counseling is not available. “If we see people advertising inaccurate things, like advertising an undisclosed cryptocurrency, then we want to express our opinion. So we change the threshold. “But we don’t delete any messages. A lot of women’s advice is part of the LXME. However, we don’t allow direct solicitation to customers,” said Rathi Gupta.

As the investment community grows, it is important to ask how each company makes money. Multipie, for example, offers products such as NCDs and FD companies to users and earns commissions from them. It will soon start suing brokers for adding the platform to their website. LXME isn’t free right now, but users need to invest through its app to pay commissions (it’s a corporate fundraiser). Valuepickr is free and is the story of its boneless, but you need to be wary of community members who are just sending solicitations to customers.

In the past, online banking conferences have come into the limelight for wrong reasons. There are many examples of scamsters using them for pump-and-dump projects. The rise of meme stocks like Gamestop and AMC in the US was triggered by discussions on Reddit pointing to this. However, the proper form of the conference, used in the right way can give you a better insight. This should be in addition to your own research, whether you are a self -employed publisher or in addition to advice provided by a professional.

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