Crypto Reacts at the NFT NYC Conference: The Good

Sadly, the NFT NYC conference marked the beginning of what could be a crypto bear market. The business was on fire when 15,000 attendees sold tickets, ranging from $ 599 and $ 1999. By June 20, most of their stocks had collapsed and were going to collapse. The party, however, did not end. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the three days of insanity as revealed by a group of pseudonymous Twitter users.

We will use it too this CNBC show as a matter of fact, give legitimacy to our article. They explained it as follows:

“In the nearby Marriott Marquis, where the council rented six floors, crowds filled the alleys, lined with shoppers taking in nearby all -floor spaces. There were a lot of people. in society, most men from their youth to their late 30s are in a constant position of expressing their opinion in order to improve what they are willing to do. the future of photographs and digital collections.

However, in order to paint a simple picture, we need pictures and videos.

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The NFT NYC Conference – The Good

Since Bitcoinist is a good print, let’s start by offering credit instead of credit. Click here for the bad part.

  • The Cool Cats NFT collection combined with Cooltopia, the best NFT show at the entire NYC NFT conference. Plus, it’s more fun.

They have a game to get free gifts. “Love this free event to the public where you can collect numbers and claim customers !,” Michaela said. She will be one of these NFT NYC show protagonists.

  • The famous NFT collector Cozomo de ’Medici put together a photo exhibition with the most important pieces from his multi -million dollar collection. Using the billboard in Times Square. The photo is of the Bored Ape Yacht Club team created by supermodel Heidi Klum. “While it’s always fun for me to see my faces on the billboard, it’s even more fun for me to see my painting there !,” she tweeted.

Yam Karkai is the World Of Women filmmaker for NFT NYC and this show.

And in this simple app, you can see all the art pieces from the de ’Medici collection as part of the show.

  • The Curated collection by Nouns DAO was combined into a similar show. Click on the tweet to find out more.
  • Meme Connoisseur Thread Guy gave NFT NYC this brilliant review: “Web3 is the dopest place in the world. There’s a lot of love in the community and it’s really meeting people who want my knowledge and support me every day.
  • Goblin Town is only a month old and that is what the town is talking about. Arguably, they are the protagonists of the NFT NYC conference. In a good way and in a bad way. Let’s start with the good, they have a food truck that offers free food in Manhattan.

At one point, they parked in front of a McDonald’s. That’s funny.

  • Because of their commitment to the real world, the Goblin Town collection is NFT NYC’s biggest win in the world.
  • Michaela’s newspaper read, “The NFTs are dead. Return to sheep farming.” The image of Bored Ape Yacht Club was not very large.

Click here for The Bad and The Ugly side of the NFT NYC conference.

Featured Image: Cooltopia screenshot from this video| Charts by TradingView

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