Crypto is not the Inflationary Fund that was designed to be. Here is what it means

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The rise of history has demanded that the price of everything be much higher than it has been in recent years. Beyond the crypto market, it is rapidly moving to the other side.

Bitcoin saw a nearly 40% fall in June, hitting a low of under $ 18,000. The price of Ethereum fell about 50% in June, going to a low of about $ 900 at one point. Amid the steady rise and continued rise in the Fed’s interest rates, external conflict, and the continued disintegration of supply chains, the rise has seen a sharp rise. high until 2023. The impact of the crypto market expansion is expected, but greater volatility is a safety net. bill.

Historically, cryptocurrency analysts and bitcoin investors have touted bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, as a hedge fund due to its $ 21 million limit and speculative nature. The value of Bitcoin, in principle, is not tied to the stock market, it is placed in a segment of investments known as “alts” (others) with good business, wine, and precious metals.

But the crypto market has grown significantly in the retail market in recent months, showing that it is not as feasible as first -time users claim. In May, an algorithmic stablecoin called Terra (UST) crashed, wiping out $ 400 billion in crypto market capital in a matter of days.

It’s a very bad idea, and leaves cryptocurrencies to consider the long -term impact of increasing their holdings. To find out, we asked two financial experts how long -term growth and crypto are related, and what investors do to navigate uncertainty.

How long -term investment can affect Crypto

Crypto is too young in the economy to know exactly how inflation will affect it, said Brandon Neal, chief executive at DeFi lending protocol Euler and former investor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. York.

“It’s probably not true that crypto is a good expansion pack. It’s just coincidental that so far, it’s just crypto. look like it’s a good growth platform, ”Neal told NextAdvisor.

Look at gold, for example: “If you just decided to pick the details at the time, some data points in its history, sometimes you can look at gold and it says it’s a very good fence – but you have to leave everything out.sometimes it’s not.

More likely, Neal argues, it is bitcoin that has perpetrated a wall fraud since its inception in 2009. But that was only 13 years of data at the time of the low. low low low low, so it is impossible to say if this will continue. That is the issue that is moving forward – given changing markets and global conditions.

Chris Brendler, managing director and senior research fellow at DA Davidson, said bitcoin could be a good defense against inflation over time because it is isolated and not related to anyone. central bank, but the current volatility and speculation in the crypto market is overwhelming the underlying value of bitcoin. As it is a new class of goods.

The crypto market is looking at the stock market right now because the stock market is taking over the near term movements and most of it is “focused on thinking,” he said. and Brendler.

“If there is a lot of currency, bitcoin needs to hold its value [over time], “he said.” What we don’t see is a lot of reflection, and we continue to see it come out. I think it will be shown when it is an expansion wall, but not now. “

What Does Inflation Mean for Crypto Investors?

So if bitcoin – and traditional crypto – isn’t considered much of a cryptocurrency, what role does it play in your cryptocurrency?

“If inflation wears off the price of money over time, people are often looking for assets that can keep up with the pace of inflation,” wrote Lindsey Bell, large markets and investors. fundraiser for Ally in a February news. “Crypto’s major moves in a year like 2021 have made some people think digital assets could be used for that reason.”

But, as the past few weeks and falls have shown, crypto investing is becoming more and more popular, with more and more of the best cryptocurrencies today circulating since 2016. or Volatility is expected to continue, experts say, especially amid the economic uncertainty we currently see.

Despite what was previously predicted by early believers, Neal doubted that crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) would replace legal responsibility – but the U.S. currency and fiat (government) currencies.

“I’ve been very excited for a long time about the knowledge of crypto and innovations like DeFi,” he said. “But I think it’s important to be honest in the short and medium term that the system will be surrounded in some way or another for a while. The legal status, it’s very important.”

But in the developing world, that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting consumer issues that can support economic growth in the long run.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the war that followed, provides an example of how cryptocurrency continues to give a chance if its value remains in demand among publishers.

Anna Vladi, founder of METL, a company that develops technology that allows customers to buy crypto through the Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) system, encouraged her staff. far in Ukraine to accept a portion of its payments in stablecoins before the February 2022 attack. Russia. This provides the concept with a way to protect certain water resources from an invading and unpredictable power that will come with war.

“I always paid him over the wire in U.S. dollars,” Vladi said. “But in the end, when the news was around, it was me [asked] That is … ‘Maybe you think you want to take something in crypto because if something is found … there will be penalties … the money will be confiscated? You want to have other things, and this way, you can get out. ‘”

Vladi’s employee left for Greece, where he was able to return his stablecoins in cash and cash. This is a blessing, says Vladi, even though his home country is living with fear of bankruptcy.

The decentralized form of crypto allows refugees to exchange money, buy assets, and barter, Vladi said.

“Everyone downloaded the MetaMask [digital wallets] and people start paying each other for all sorts of things – diapers, baby food, etc … I believe in situations like this, it’s time [crypto’s value] come to the light.

How to make sure your portfolio grows

So if bitcoin isn’t exactly on the investment wall that was created, what does it mean for investors? Is it necessary to keep your copy, or to keep a bank account that has a piece of crypto?

Suggestions for help

Diversification is the best investment barrier – not a single asset class.

According to experts, diversification is the best barrier to inflation. Conversion means adding a strong set of different commodities – stocks, bonds, ETFs, and reference funds – to your portfolio.

For crypto-curious investors, investors and other experts expect to keep cryptocurrencies under 5% of your total portfolio. They also say that it is wise to invest in crypto only in what you will lose if its value falls to zero. And you don’t need to invest in crypto before building a crisis fund and paying off a high debt.

Most investments, experts say, need to be in the broad market funds available in some areas. ETFs can help separate your portfolio rather than harvesting cherries on each tree, and this spreads the problem (if it’s one business group, more people are doing well than yours). fold). There are some blockchain ETFs, which allow investors to include businesses that are known to be embedded in the blockchain or to incorporate crypto technology into their business.

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