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In June, OpenSea reported user emails due to customer error.

As all NFT publishers do, if you have an OpenSea account then your email will be deleted at the end of June due to a breach of universal data.

This is not the first cyber-attack on the popular NFT market but a new reminder to investors of the weaknesses of Cryptocurrency and NFT trading.

On the 29th of JunethOpenSea launches somewhere To say on Twitter explaining “[a]n employees of our email client,, have misused their staff to download and share emails with an external site.

The post added, “Emails provided to OpenSea have been compromised.”

If your email is associated with an OpenSea account or you signed up for their email, your email is included in the database with your phone number.

As a result of the breach, email addresses can be compromised by phishing emails. These attacks come from malicious links to plugins and other content from reputable OpenSea stories. These scam accounts may have site addresses similar to OpenSea but with smaller features.

One thing publishers should know is not to open links in emails that you do not trust or consider. In the same way, publishers should not remove unsolicited content from that sender.

Other hackers should avoid anonymous text messages with links and two-factor authentication SMS (“2FA”) Violations. Investors can prevent these types of attacks by unlocking SMS 2FA and switching with authenticator tools such as Google Authenticators.

The emergence and growth of the Cryptocurrency and NFT markets has brought investors full control of their assets, and the firm itself has come with the responsibility to maintain the security of that currency. properties.

Regarding Cryptocurrency, Coinbase’s 10-Q lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEK”) Reminds investors that investors should be careful when making changes to their personal exchange accounts that could be sealed in bankruptcy. Such investors would expect to be treated as a “non -significant creditor” during the bankruptcy of that exchange.

This means that assets held on Coinbase by customers will be paid to creditors secured by that exchange if Coinbase is unable to repay those debts at the time of bankruptcy.

That said, it’s important to remember that all SEC-approved changes are required to comply with current regulations such as the quarterly 10-Q filings and the requirement that investors be treated with assets. in exchange as non -creditors.

While exchanges like Coinbase may not be widely used for bankruptcy every time, the 10-Q group’s recent appeal reminds investors in more ways than ever before. More likely to secure their property to themselves.

While not flawless, hardware wallets can help keep your digital assets safe.

So what are the best ways you can secure your Cryptocurrency and NFT assets?

The first safe way for crypto and NFT assets stored online is to move them out of a backpack. The backup password must be protected along with the password provided to that backup.

The password and password should not be shared or shared with anyone or any other company.

While keeping assets in an online wallet is one of the best security measures for investors, it can give the false impression of total security that their assets cannot be accessed in wallets. hardware.

In other words, many investors have the false idea that if you have a wallet then your property should be safe regardless of what that investor does. That’s not always the case, it’s more important that your supply chain is online in order to keep up with markets and changes.

In cases where your backup package is connected to the network, be aware of the sites that you allow uploading and the activities you allow through your backup package.

For example, a mint site where you plan to mint an NFT can be tampered with by hackers. That controversial mint system that requires your wallet to be hacked for the mint process can then give hackers access to your wallet because you agreed to a bad smart deal.

As a result, once a transaction is compromised by a wallet on a hacked mint site, hackers can send your goods from your wallet to someone else.

The agreement provided before permission will always display the correct information on your device key, so if you are unsure, do not agree to the process. When a smart deal is approved, access to your supply bag is given as a result of the permission granted.

Always try to install popular NFT markets such as OpenSea, so always be aware of your financial security and ways you can minimize security risks.

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