Why the best NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks fly to Degrain

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The 7 best NFT projects going into 2022

NFT took over the internet and not surprisingly, it is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. From grabbing deals from brands like Gucci and Tesla, everyone is looking to be on top of the NFT crusade. Watching the sale of crypto wildness makes you manatical. Not only this, these independent data collections … Read more

High and reliable NFTs to watch

Are you looking for the best NFT projects for 2022 ?. NFTs have gained momentum over the past year, and Popular NFT programs are trying to bridge the gap between system 3 and system 2. Features, sports, graphics, music , as well as comics are some of the NFT services involved and provide various benefits … Read more

NFT Meltdowns are paving the way for better use cases

Getty getty As the cryptoasset market continues to have another crypto winter, it is tempting for investors and investors to look at the current decline in price at the expense of other areas. It’s tempting, but it’s a way to hurt investors that regulators are trying so hard to avoid. Volatility is a part of … Read more

How the Chinese government is trying to re -create the NFT market without Cryptocurrency — and government control

The legal technology and technology called the Great Firewall for many years has regulated all aspects of computer life in China. While its usual job is to keep the internet at home, the Chinese state is taking more steps to prevent the influence of global blockchains and crypto, which have had a major impact on … Read more

InfiniteWorld was named “Best Whitelabel Marketplace Creation Platform” by OpenSea-Supported Awards at NFT.NYC

MIAMI, Fla .– (UEA HANA)-At NFT.NYC, metaverse business company InfiniteWorld won the award for Best Whitelabel Marketplace Creation Platform in the community selection. More than 18,000 votes were counted in the NFT -related awards, sponsored by OpenSea, APENNFT, and NFT.Kred at the highly anticipated NFT extravaganza in New York City. InfiniteWorld supports designers and developers … Read more

NFT Crash Sports and the future

The digital world has grown exponentially in the last two years running on massive waves of Covid-19 disease. Technology has melted into the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, with 2021 being the peak year for them all. While bitcoin hit its highest level in November last year, NFT’s sales were recorded at USD 17.7 … Read more