Is the Euro a popular currency to trade?

Although it is the national currency of 19 other EU countries, the Euro is one of the most difficult currencies. After ten years of preparation, the Euro was finally introduced on 1st January 1999. However, for the first three years there was an ‘unknown amount of money’ which was used only for accounting purposes and … Read more

FXCM has won Best Retail Forex Broker in Europe on Global

LONDON, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – FXCM Group, LLC (‘FXCM Group’ or ‘FXCM’), a global leader of online forex trading, CFD trading and related services that won Best Retail Forex Broker in Europe by 2022 Global Forex Awards – B2B. FXCM won the award after a large selection of votes from the FX community … Read more

Tips for success in Forex trading

These tips from an expert trader will help you succeed in Forex. Our senior trader Ebuka Ambrose is a skilled trader with over 2.5 years of experience. He has created many educational events, both physical and physical, for OctaFX. Here are some of his questions and answers with Ozo. Understanding Forex Trading What is Forex? … Read more

Can You Make Forex Trading?

Fast money with Forex? Those living in their nineties will remember the era of “rapid wealth”. One after the other, they poured in on the radio, through email chains, and even more infomercials. The yuppie generation is in, and they want to make a lot of money fast, and they are ready to take a … Read more

CEO of Cryptocurrency And Forex Trading Platform charged with fraudulent fraud worth over $ 59 million | USAO-SDNY

Damian Williams, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Michael J. Driscoll, Assistant Director of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, announced this date of the opening of a lawsuit in Manhattan federal. A court is prosecuting EDDY ALEXANDRE, the leader of a suspected cryptocurrency and … Read more

What is forex trading and how does it work? – The European Sting – Critical news and insights on European politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology.

What is forex trading and how does it work? When you hear the word marketing, you might think of a traditional retail market where marketing orders are often called in a hectic manner. But today, trading is much easier. An option is cash, which can be sold with the help of an investor. The Forex … Read more