Cardano’s Top NFT Marketplace JPG.Store Announces Plans to Empower More Global Artists

JPG.Store enhances its website’s translators to easily enable global artists to create NFTs for a community of customers.

JPG.Store has announced the launch of ‘language localization,’ a feature that improves the quality of the website’s translations for the benefit of its international community.

This feature announcement is part of a broader strategy to provide the non-English speaking world with equal access to the opportunity in the NFT economy.

With the cost of staking an NFT on Cardano below $1, the JPG team is excited about their efforts to attract and support more global developers. especially those that have already been bought by blockchains with expensive gas fees.

Blakelock Brown, CEO of JPG.Store, said,

“We want to create as many opportunities as we can for all employers. We are proud of the millions in our current NFT tools, but this great opportunity is for everyone.

“Breaking down language barriers is just one small part of our exciting plans to continue to inspire international artists and collectors alike.”

To ensure that users receive high-quality translations that are updated quickly, JPG.Store uses a global team of human translators combined with advanced machine language technology to create translations of the internet.

The first languages ​​to be supported are Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simp), Portuguese, French and Spanish (LatAm).

JPG.Store engineers have also developed an automatic translation Discord box to ensure that users of all languages ​​receive the high-quality customer service that the support team is known for.

Shannon Brown, founder of JPG.Store, said,

“We strive to hire the best minds we can find, so we are a diverse group ourselves. We are proud to be from 15 different countries Therefore, fostering the use of NFT and opportunity worldwide is important to us on a personal level.

In less than a year since launch, JPG.Store has led Cardano’s NFT business to reach over $477 million in total sales, serving 97% of the total NFT of the current blockchain.

With the recent launch of Coti’s new Djed stablecoin and Liqwid’s DeFi lending protocol pulling the plug on Cardano, the JPG team expects the volume of NFT trading to grow alongside its mature DeFi ecosystem. .

At the time of writing, Cardano is the fourth largest NFT blockchain by volume in the last 30 days.

About JPG.Store

JPG.Store is Cardano’s number one NFT marketplace. We put people, the world and the cause first
property. We hope to continue to support all manufacturers worldwide. We believe in supporting the artist’s royalties. We think of you. Join us in our mission to create a better future for all.

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