Cardano (ADA) vs. Algorand (ALGO)? The Coin Bureau is weighing in on fair competition among Ethereum’s top competitors

A popular crypto developer known for doing in -depth research in response to news has decided that a major developer has decided to jump on the bandwagon to work for a competitive project.

On a new YouTube post, the pseudonymous host of the Coin Bureau named Guy discusses the consequences of Cardano senior author (ADA) John Woods leaving Global Input (IOG) and moving to the Algorand (ALGO) intelligence platform.

“Last week Cardano CEO John Woods announced that IOG was leaving IOG to join the Algorand Foundation as chief technology officer. In context, Input Output Global, IOG , one of two companies building Cardano.

John’s departure seems to have shocked the Cardano community, as hard -core Cardanians will know that John only joined IOG in October last year to replace Duncan Coutts, who resigned. father and returned to his former position. this month.

The host is aware of the interaction between the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) competitors.

“Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano took to Twitter to thank John for his innovation, knowing he could open the door for collaboration and relationships between projects in Cardano’s and Algorand’s expanding ecosystems.

John also thanked the Cardano community for their support, noting it was ‘a great time to build Cardano.’ Some of you may have noticed that John was a regular visitor during the development of Cardano’s mid -moon and the end of the 360 ​​lunar ecosystem recaps.

Guy calls out thinking tweet by Woods suggests that Algorand may see Cardano as competitive as ALGO seeks to enter the higher levels of the crypto ecosystem.

“What’s interesting is that in response to a tweet by the Algorand Foundation announcing John’s merger, he knew he intended to make Algorand a top-10 cryptocurrency in the market. which begs the question of whether we will see competition before the meeting between its new and future employers.

This is probably more than imaginable since Cardano and Algorand are working on eerily similar scaling technologies, namely pipelining. Any knowledge that John gained while working with Cardano that is shared with Algorand, can further his development.

The Coin Bureau visitor also talks about the negative consequences of Woods ’departure to improve the upcoming Vasil system that he discussed a week ago.

“Cardano can see a slowdown in growth due to staff changes, but I don’t think this slowdown will be seen. After all, Cardano will soon be leaving his company. a hard -core company called Vasil, which greatly improves its scalability.

Ardana founder Ryan Matovu said at April’s Cardano 360 that Vasil will expand the Cardano layer-1 blockchain to its limit. With Algorand expected to roll out its scalability enhancements in the coming months, expect to see a lot of firewalls or ADA and ALGO.

At the time of writing, Cardano is down 3% in the past 24 hours and is trading for $ 0.44.

Algorand is currently down 1.37% per day and is valued at $ 0.30.


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